XXVI | How Much Do You Love Her?

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"Anything? How about sleeping with me?"

"Never!" Alexander spat through clenched teeth.

"Hmph, not like I want it." Helen pouted. Lifting her head, she took a sip of water before turning to look at Alexander. "What if I said I wanted 10% of Global Entertainment's shares? Would you be willing?"

"I agree," Alexander answered, not hesitating to be straight forward.

"Mr. Smith, you must know what ten percent share of Global Entertainment represents? Its investors would have a say in future productions, is that correct?" Helen calmly asked.

"Correct." Alexander still did not hesitate in the slightest.

"And you do know that you only own fifty five percent of the shares in Global Entertainment, right? If you sell the ten percent to me, Global Entertainment could change its CEO. You've spent so many years building this company. Are you sure you don't want to think this through?"

Alexander' brows creased as he thought that Helen was a little annoying. "Why are you talking so much nonsense? One word, do you agree or not!"

Helen was dazed by Alexander's unblinking eyes. After a long while, she then raised her bottle and continued to take a drink. She opened her mouth to speak, but this time without the theatrics. "Alexander, as far as I remember, we've known each other for many years now. From when you first entered the entertainment industry till now, you have never asked anyone for help."

Alexander didn't utter a word.

Helen lowered her head and chuckled. "I remember the first time I met you, there was a boss of a coal company who wanted to be your sugar daddy. You didn't agree to it, so he used his position as an investor to make your life hell. During filming, they clearly agreed to fake the fight scene, but when it came down to filming, they hit you hard, one strike after another, till they put you in bed for over half a month.

"Even then, I saw how much pride you had. I thought to myself, what on earth could ever make this arrogant person bow his head. Who would of thought, for her, you'd be willing to give it up, and for her, you'd go ask others for help? You could even give away Global Entertainment, the company you've built up to this scale. Alexander, I never could have seen it coming. As cold-blooded as you are, when you get heated, you can be so domineering..."

His act having been seen through, Alexander's face appeared slightly uncomfortable. As he opened his mouth to speak, he sounded slightly strained. "Helen, your nonsense is just extraordinary."

Alexander then opened the car door and got out.

"Alright, alright!" Helen called out to stop Alexander. "I don't want shares in Global Entertainment, nor will I ask anything from you. I just need you to answer my question. Answer me honestly. If you give me a satisfying answer, I'll help you."

Alexander sat back in his seat. "What's the question?"

Helen raised her hand. "First of all, I have to clarify that I'm not interested in you in the slightest, nor do I like you. I have someone I like. I'm just curious, that's the only reason I'm asking you this question."

Helen stopped for a moment before enunciating every word of her question. "So, do you actually love Isabelle?" After asking, she shook her head. "Oh, that's not right. I meant to ask; just how much do you love Isabelle?"

How much do you love Isabelle... Alexander's expression instantly calmed down. Through the windshield, he looked at an enormous old tree outside. His eyes slightly glistened for a moment when he said in a low voice, "A lot. So much so that sometimes I would loathe my old self - the poor, dejected Alexander who knew full well that he wasn't worthy of her, yet still scraped his wallet to pay for her meals. That Alexander."

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