XLVIII | Birthday Preparations!

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...This Friday was Alexander's birthday?

Ever since they had known each other, Alexander had never celebrated his birthday. In the past, she had asked James if he knew Alexander's birthday but he had refused to tell her.

"Mr. Smith, you're going to celebrate Mr. Williams's birthday, then what about your own?"

"Do I have a choice?" Alexander replied casually as though he didn't care about his own birthday.

Isabelle frowned. Through the tiny door opening, she could vaguely catch a glimpse of Alexander. He had his head lowered as he flipped leisurely through the documents. As he flipped, he paused momentarily as though a thought had struck him.

He lifted his head, looking into the empty space in front of him, his expression dazed, a tiny deprecating smile curling his lips. He lowered his head once again, studying his documents. With an emotionless expression, he replied indifferently, "Besides, there isn't much to celebrate."

Ever since his mother passed away, the number of people that knew his birthday dwindled, his father, his wife, and his grandfather... But every year on that day, they would only celebrate James's birthday. How could they remember his? There wasn't much to celebrate... and there wasn't anyone to celebrate with him...

His assistant did not say anymore.

Silence fell on the room.

Alexander sat gracefully, resuming his work. However, from the tiny opening, Isabelle could see the usual cold, detached look he had on his face, even his tone was his usual frosty one. But somehow, she could sense a hint of loneliness and isolation.

She distinctly remembered that every year on James's birthday, he would often invite everyone out to have fun. It was always a joyous occasion and Alexander would definitely be there. He would even prepare a present for him, appearing indifferent as usual. Who knew that it was also his birthday...? It was both their birthdays, but he had to stand by the side lines, watching as his little brother was flooded with gifts and blessings. And on that very day, he wouldn't receive a single greeting.

Isabelle could feel a throbbing ache clench her heart, she leaned against the wall for a long while. Only when Madam Mary came out of the kitchen did she finally come back to her senses, walking over to knock on the door.

That afternoon, Alexander and his assistant left directly after lunch.

Isabelle had the whole day to herself since there wasn't any filming that day. Since it was both Alexander and James's birthday on Friday, she decided to get the both of them a present. Out of habit, she called Camila to ask her out, but she was on a date. Isabelle didn't want to disrupt her, so she called Sophia instead.

Since Sophia was working in Davis Enterprise, her working hours were flexible, and she agreed to Isabelle's request instantly.

Coincidentally, both Isabelle and Sophia had to renew their car plates that day. Since Davis Enterprise was in the central business district, Isabelle took the metro over to find her cousin.

Sophia remembered that it was James's birthday, hence she decided to pick out a present for him while Isabelle shopped.

When Sophia was about to pay, she turned and saw Isabelle leaning over the counter, staring at something. Sophia titled her head slightly and saw her pointing at an elegant tie clip.

Sophia couldn't keep her laughter in. "Izzy, isn't one present enough? How many presents are you going to get James?"

Isabelle smiled back at her as she received the neck tie from the counter staff with her hands. She looked down to inspect the tie clips for a while before turning to look at Sophia. Holding up the necktie to her own chest, she asked, "How is it?"

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