LII | Used To It...

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Sophia pretended to look anxious, as she sat next to Mrs. Williams. When the recording pen finished playing, she then carefully said to Mrs. Williams, "Aunt, no matter what, please don't let James and Izzy know that you know about their love. They told me to keep it a secret."


Thinking of it all, Sophia suddenly lifted her hand and downed her bottle of water.

A pending arranged married was something no one could change, as marriage is the best way to unite two families. To protect herself, she could only betray Isabelle's lifelong happiness.

She knew that Mrs. Williams's beloved son was her life, so she purposefully put on this act for Mrs. Williams to see, to let her believe that her son truly loved Isabelle.

After almost two weeks, she accidentally overheard her own parent's talking and found out that the daughter-in-law Mrs. Williams had her eye on was Isabelle, not Sophia.

In that instant, her wishes were fulfilled.

However, with her wishes fulfilled, it was the moment when she became riddled with guilt. She often dreamed of Isabelle's hate-filled eyes, how to make up for her wrongs, and how to make herself feel better about it all. From that moment on, she did her best to be good to Isabelle. Up until the afternoon of the day before yesterday when she learnt that Isabelle, who was married to James, was actually messing around with Alexander. Thereafter, she silently put the recording pen, that she carried with her everywhere, in Alexander's car.

The reason she did this was simple. It was so that Alexander knew that Isabelle and James were truly in love with each other. No matter how much he loved and cared for Isabelle, he must drop it all. He must give up! Because Sophia couldn't bear to see Isabelle and Alexander betray James any longer. The day everything came out, the only person who would be called a slut, the one who would be blamed would be Isabelle!

Five years ago, Sophia had done a terrible thing. She had already wronged Isabelle once.

Now, she had to do her best to protect her, to never let her suffer.


Isabelle stood at the study room's door with keys in one hand and a blue gift box in the other. She took a deep breath.

In the past, she'd given many presents, but this time was her most nervous of all!

Isabelle raised her hand to gently knock on the door. Without waiting too long for an answer, she opened it with the key, turned the handle, and pushed the door slightly open.

She was welcomed by a room pungent with the smell of cigarette smoke. She coughed a little, choked by the smoke. Luckily, she reacted quickly by covering up her mouth, then pushed her head in to look around. Her dark eyes watered and shifted around for a bit until she stared directly at Alexander who stood by the window with his back to the door.

His posture was perfectly straight, and there were cigarette butts of different sizes all around him. Just how long could he have been here to have smoked so many?

Isabelle furrowed her brows, summoned her courage, and walked into the room. Then she gently shut the door and strode over to Alexander's side.

It was not until Isabelle drew closer, did she see that he was holding a cigarette in one hand and something that looked like a pen in his other hand. His eyes stared directly at it. Who knew what he was thinking about...

Isabelle bit her bottom lip, walking a little closer to where Alexander stood.

Alexander, who was stuck in a daze all this time, suddenly felt that someone was coming closer to him.. He quickly turned his head and swept his cold eyes over Isabelle. He hurriedly shoved the pen back into his trouser pocket and asked in a frosty voice, "Who let you in?"

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