XXXIV | Why Couldn't It Have Been Me?

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In his mind, Alexander remembered the time when he had wanted to enter the same high school as her; he had endured the blazing sun, working.

In year two of high school, on the day of her birthday, James suddenly had something to do so he begged Alexander to order the cake. The three-digit dollar worth cake was sky high to the him back then, but he had still paid with all of his savings. James had given him a card, but he didn't take a single cent.

He remembered the time he was bullied in the entertainment industry, the time he had struggled hard.

At that time, he had treated the whole world as his enemy and only had her in his mind. Because of his love for her, everything was worth it.

"Hoping that you won't forget about it

"Everything is gray under these skies, Wet mascara"

But no matter how much he tried, he still couldn't give her up.

He knew that she came to visit him later three times afterwards, but he had refused to see her.

At that time, it wasn't that he didn't love her, but as long as he didn't see her, he could slowly forget her, stop hurting himself.

"Hiding every cloud under a smile, When there's cameras

"And I just can't reach out to tell you, That I always wonder what you're up to"

But in the end, he still underestimated her charm, overestimated his willpower.

Ever since he was young, he had always been hurt by others. He grew up cold, crude, and not caring about others, but all these were just a defense mechanism. And she was a proof that he still was not able to protect himself.

Alexander seemed to perfectly deliver the song, bringing a depressing atmosphere to the room, infecting a solemn atmosphere on everyone.

The colorful lights landed on Alexander, causing his expression to look dazed and his gaze to shine.

"Pictures I'm living through for now, Trying to remember all the good times.

"Our life was cutting through so loud; Memories are playing in my dull mind."

Alexander felt his throat tighten. Through the whole song, he'd never once laid a glance at Isabelle, and at that moment, he looked over at her.

He tightened his grip on the microphone, trying to suppress his feelings, trying to sound calm. In the end, he finished perfectly with a clear pitch.

"I hate this part, paper hearts, And I'll hold a piece of yours.

"Don't think I would just forget about it."

With his last word, silence engulfed the room.

No one spoke, not a single sound.

In that instance, it was as silent as if the room was empty.

Alexander continued to look into Isabelle's eyes.

Isabelle could see deep inside his eyes—there was anticipation there, despair, struggle. Deep inside, sorrow filled her own heart.

After about a minute, Alexander blinked. Steering his gaze away from Isabelle, he set the microphone on the table, and, without saying a word, he left the room.

A long while after Alexander left, the people in the cabin gradually snapped out of their daze, but they still remained silent.

Suddenly. Jake said, "This song! It's the theme song for the movie that me and Alexander acted in four years ago when I just entered the industry!"

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