LI | Betrayal by her dearest

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Alexander stood in front of his office's window, smoking one stick at a time. Only when he finished the entire box did he take a deep breath, tossing the empty box into the bin. He stood in a daze for a while longer, before leaving the office with his car keys.

When the car left the office building, he glanced at the clock. It was already 11 pm. After the heavy downpour, the streets were wet with tiny puddles everywhere.

Alexander drove his car around the city aimlessly. He wanted to go to his another mansion, but when he was halfway there, he remembered that his relationship with Isabelle had only gotten better when he was present. His heart clenched slightly, and he turned his car back to the city.

He didn't know where he could go, driving around aimlessly once again. Unknowingly, he was heading back to York Garden, only when he reached it, did he come back to his senses.

Alexander hesitated slightly, slamming onto the breaks. His car stopped immediately. Straight ahead, he could see that the living room lights were still switched on. He lowered his lashes, sinking into deep thought before starting his car once again, preparing to leave.

The moment he was about to hit the accelerator, the door flew open and Isabelle ran out in her pajamas.

Alex's foot froze before leaving the accelerator, stopping the car once again.

Isabelle ran over in her slippers.

Alexander's car windows were down. When Isabelle reached the car, a wide grin spread across her face, and she asked him sweetly, "You're back?"

Alexander didn't respond, he just glanced at her briefly before turning his head away to look straight ahead. His perfect features was calm without any a trace of emotion, his entire body giving off a frosty, distant vibe.

Sensing his bad mood, Isabelle quickly hid her smile, asking cautiously, "What's wrong?"

When Alexander heard her speak, he tilted his head slightly, glancing at her through the rear-view mirror, his fingers squeezing the steering wheel. Just one glance, and he abruptly pulled out the car keys and pushed open the doors to leave the car.

He took large strides into the house, without even glancing at Isabelle.

She hurriedly followed behind him. By the time she entered the house, he had already changed into house slippers and was removing his jacket.

Isabelle slowed down, stopping about half a meter behind Alexander. In a small voice, she asked, "Have you eaten dinner? Do you want some food?"

He ignored her, continuing to remove his jacket. He casually threw it onto the sofa before walking up the stairs.

Isabelle took her phone from the sofa before following after him. At the entrance of the bedroom door, she asked him again, "Do you want to bath? It'll help you relax after a long day."

Alexander continued to ignore her as he walked out of the room.

Isabelle touched her cheeks in confusion before running after him again. "It's late, aren't you going to rest?"

Alexander pushed open the study room door and entered as though Isabelle hadn't spoken. Before she could react, he slammed the door, shutting her out of the room.

Isabelle looked at the tightly shut door. She turned the knob unconsciously, realizing it was locked.

She frowned, not understanding the situation. Why was he in such a bad mood?

Isabelle stood outside the study room for a while before walking to the bedroom. She chewed on her fingers as she pondered. Just then, she remembered Alexander telling his assistant that there wasn't much point in celebrating his birthday.

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