XVIII | The Secret that Cannot be Told

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The change had caused them to grow further and further apart... and now, they were practically strangers.

Even though many years had passed, every time Alexander reminisced about the two of them, he would feel a persistent ache in his heart. It was so painful that even breathing would hurt.

Alexander gripped the steering wheel, staring straight ahead at the rain droplets, his expression tight. After a long while, he blinked lightly, preparing to stop the memories from five years ago. Suddenly, amongst the dense rain, he caught sight of a familiar figure.

As Alexander was speeding, the figure disappeared in a blink of an eye. He frowned as he looked at the side view mirror. It was drenched in rain, blurring the reflection. Even though it was just a blurred glimpse, he knew who she was. Subconsciously, he slammed the breaks, bringing the car to a stop before winding down the window to wipe the water droplets with a hand.

Through the mirror, he saw Isabelle standing in the rain with an umbrella, waiting for a taxi.

Alexander thought for a heartbeat before winding up the window and turning back.


As soon as Isabelle and Camila entered the city center, Camila received a call stating that there was an emergency at home. She had wanted to send Isabelle back to York Garden before attending to her home affairs but since it was still early and returning back to an empty home didn't seem very appealing, Isabelle told her that she could get a cab at the shopping mall nearby.

Once Isabelle entered the shopping mall, the sky started to darken but it didn't rain. She roamed around in the mall for a bit before getting a random meal for dinner.

After dinner, it was about 9.30 pm and the mall was about to close. Isabelle footed the bill and took the elevator down to the basement before leaving the mall. The minute she came out, it started to pour.

She took an umbrella out and ran towards the roadside. After waiting for a long time, she saw an empty taxi. But just when she was about to wave for it, a black Audi overtook the taxi, stopping in front of her.

Due to the heavy rain, Isabelle couldn't see the car plate clearly. She was just about to go backwards to wave for the taxi when the window of the Audi winded down.

A familiar and cold voice cut through the rain, "Come in."

Isabelle hadn't expected that it was Alexander's car. The moment she heard his voice, she paused momentarily. The next moment, an impatient hand opened the car door and Alexander left the car without an umbrella. Enduring the heavy rain, he went around to open the car door before pushing her in.

The real reason he had decided to leave the dinner earlier was because Helen, the mad woman, had come over to gossip about his feelings.

At that time, he was already in a foul mood, and when he left, it suddenly started to rain, causing him to remember the past, further affecting him. Subconsciously, he was on his way to York Garden.

Ever in the past five years ago, Alexander had never dared to show any signs of his feelings. However, he didn't feel like not replying to her second question as talking to her had always been a blessing to him.

He hesitated, finding a conventional answer. "I have something on later so I came back earlier."

Alexander's second sentence came about a minute after the first one so when he suddenly continued, Isabelle had a doubtful expression. Turning to look at him, she realized that he was replying to her second question, so she nodded hurriedly, acknowledging his response. After a while, she replied with a "oh" sound.

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