XXVII | Karma Calls

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Actually, you don't need to thank me. You should thank...

After Isabelle hung up the phone, Helen's words echoed in her mind.

Even though she had the Williams family and Davis family behind her, neither family agreed for her to get mixed up with the complex world of the entertainment industry. And so, without a doubt, neither would help her fix the scandal she had caused. They'd only go to Facebook's official staff to block those rumors rather than turn to Helen to clear things up.

She herself was just a new actress in the entertainment industry. She had only met the people in the crew during filming, so they weren't close enough with her to step out to help. Not to mention, there were very few people in the crew. In the afternoon, they were the ones who made fun of her, and people who she did have good relations with were only third-rate actors. They obviously weren't Helen's level. And so, after thinking about it, the only person Isabelle could think of who would turn to Helen for help was Alexander.

With that thought, Isabelle's heart began to quiver.

That post looked as though Helen stood out to help her clear things up, but in reality, she had used her celebrity influence to stir up the conversation.

However, there are many ways to kill a scandal. Why would Alexander specifically choose a way that would help her out the most?

Moreover... this way, not only did it help her, it trashed the person who fanned the rumors...

With that thought, Isabelle's heart raced - dong-dong-dong - as it beat particularly quickly, like it would jump out of her mouth at any moment.

Perhaps Alexander didn't really do it for her but was punishing the person who spread the rumors, and she just happened to be caught in the middle and benefited from it. After all, the scandal also dragged down Alexander. For him to take action wouldn't be odd... right? That must be it... Deep down, Isabelle warned herself over and over again to not let her imagination run wild here.


Even though Alexander found out from Helen that Isabelle was fine now, he was still a little worried.

The variety show contract that Isabelle wanted was meant to be signed next week, but to make an excuse to see her, he called his assistant to get the contract from the television company early.

When his assistant returned with the contract, it was already eleven at night. Alexander gave it a quick read to confirm there weren't any problems. He let his assistant leave, then sat in his hotel room, alone and in silence for a while. In the end, he got up, grabbed the contract, and headed downstairs.


Last night, Isabelle had left Alexander's room after twelve at night. As she had an early shoot the next morning, she took a shower at ten.

The bathroom door was close to the room door, so just as Isabelle got out from the shower, she heard a knock.

Camila was busy with something at the moment, so she shouted to Isabelle, "Izzy, you're closer to the door. Could you get that?"

Isabelle responded by reaching out and opening the door. She was ready to ask what the person wanted, when she noticed that it was Alexander who stood elegantly behind the door. She stared at him, opened her mouth to speak, but the words were instantly stuck in her throat.

As she'd just come out of the bathroom, Isabelle only wore a single towel with a pair of dripping wet flip flops. This kind of wear revealed her delicate white shoulders and her two long legs. Because of the steam, her dainty face had a drunken red tint.

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