XIX | Buried In One's Heart

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Hot tears starting streamed down through Isabelle's fingers. They trembled slightly as she tried desperately to keep the tears in, but the more she tried, the more the tears came. In the end, an endless stream flowed down her face. She hurriedly rubbed at it, trying hard to wipe it all away.

Alexander had wanted to leave after that line, but just as he was about to turn, from the corner of his eye he caught sight of the gleam from the tear that had landed on her fingers. He froze instantly, paralyzed, not able to move an inch.

Soon, he clearly saw the endless stream of tears hitting her fingers. His hands clenched into a tight fist. The moment she raised her hands to wipe at her face, he suddenly reached out and grabbed them, pulling her forward. With the other hand, he lifted her chin.

The sight of Isabelle's small face drenched in tears came into sight.

Her eyes were big and pretty, the insides welled up with tears. She must have been trying to force her tears back as her lips were tightly clenched and her nose bright red. Her sorrowful expression looked pitiful and wronged.

A wave of emotions flooded Alexander's eyes. He couldn't help tightening the grip he had on her hands as he struggled internally. Several times, the fingers he had on her chin wanted to reach up to wipe away her tears, but every time he loosened his grip on her chin slightly, he tightened it back instantly.

Under Alexander's gaze, tears started streaming at a faster rate. Behind the endless stream of tears, Isabelle wasn't able to see his expression, but instinct told her that he was agitated, seemingly angry but yet not.

Just when she couldn't take it anymore, her tears dripped onto Alexander's fingers that he had on her chin, then flowed down into his palm.

Her tears were slightly cold but once they hit his palm, they sent a flame straight into his heart, burning him with nervousness. 

The next moment, he released her chin, turning away fiercely. He walked over to his car door, entered, and hurriedly slammed the accelerator, speeding off. 

After the downpour, the streets were slightly flooded. Alexander sped through, splattering water every time his car sunk into the puddles. Several droplets had fallen onto Isabelle's arms when he had driven off.

Once Alexander left, York Garden's street was empty, with only Isabelle in sight.

The street lamps from both sides of the street shone dimly, their rays hitting Isabelle's thin figure, making her seem all the more lonely.

She stood at the same spot for a long time until she stopped crying. She opened her bag to take out a packet of tissues to dry her face. Turning, she walked into the mansion.

When Isabelle opened the doors with her keys, stopping at the entrance to change her shoes, Madam Mary came out of her room, not at all surprised to see Isabelle who hadn't made prior notice of her arrival.

"Mrs. Smith, I've prepared dinner, do you want to have some?"

After crying, Isabelle was still feeling moody and out of sorts, so she didn't find it surprising that Madam Mary was expecting her. She just shook her head, replying softly, "No thank you, I already had dinner." She paused, then added, "I'm a little tired, I'll go up now."

"Why don't I run you a hot bath so that you can feel better?" Madam Mary said, starting to make her way upstairs.

Isabelle smiled, rejecting her, "It's okay, I'll do it myself, you should rest."

"Alright, good night Mrs. Smith."

"Good night."

Isabelle smiled at Madam Mary once more before heading upstairs.

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