XIV | You'll wait here

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"Mr. Smith, you got into the water today. Drink some ginger tea. It'll help you avoid getting a cold." 

Alexander didn't react.

His assistant stayed silent, carefully leaving the ginger tea on the table.

Even though his assistant's actions were soft, the porcelain cup still made a sound when it touched the table.

Alexander turned his head at it. He raised his hand, bringing the cigarette to his mouth to take a long puff, and stared out through the full-length window. He extinguished his cigarette before turning to his desk. He raised the cup with a single hand and took a gulp. The spicy sensation stayed in his mouth for a long time until he seemed to have recalled something. Quietly, he looked at his assistant who was already at the door.


His assistant stopped, realizing after a moment that Alexander was referring to the ginger tea. Assuming that he wanted to drink some, he immediately nodded. "I'll go pour more."

Alexander said a light "yes" before lowering his head to blow at his tea and sipping some more. In a barely audible tone, he said, "Bring some to room 5231 as well."

His assistant paused momentarily. 'Who stays in room 5231?' he wondered.

Seeing that his assistant was still in a daze, Alexander lifted his head to sweep a cold glance across him. "Say it's an arrangement from the crew."

The assistant understood Alexander's meaning instantly, replying with a "ah" before exiting the room.

It took him about five minutes to return after delivering the ginger tea.


Alexander sat in his chair, the cup of ginger tea in his hand still emitting heat. As soon as he heard the door open, he looked at his assistant nonchalantly, asking lightly, "Have you delivered it?"

"Yes." His assistant hesitated before explaining the situation. "But Miss Davis was not in her room, her assistant Miss Camila took it for her."

Alexander frowned slightly before lowering his head to take a slow sip of his ginger tea. Before he could swallow it, he heard his assistant continue.

"Miss Camila mentioned that producer Johnson wanted to discuss a new role with her so she is playing cards with him downstairs."

Alexander's actions suddenly stopped and he clenched his cup of tea tightly. He stared into the cup coldly and, after about two seconds, he forced down the ginger tea as though nothing had happened. He nodded his head slightly.

"I understand." Alexander paused for a bit, then continued, "You can go back for today."

A long time after his assistant left the room, Alexander placed the porcelain cup back on the desk. He looked out the window with a cold expression for a time before taking out his phone. His fingers flew across the screen, sending a text out.

Alexander waited for the text to successfully deliver, then chucked his phone to the side.

Isabelle was on a roll, being the sole winner out of the four people. Every single time she won, it was when she sat directly in front of producer Johnson, the other two players were just there to make up the numbers.

In order to suck up to producer Johnson, the other two actors kept letting him win. They would deliberately let either the director or producer Johnson win when they played together, so that they would be in a good mood, awarding them with a new role. Hence, now that Isabelle had won several rounds, winning a huge sum from producer Johnson, she didn't know if she should continue playing.

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