XXV | How about sleeping with me?

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"Ya, she sure is calm. If I were her, I would definitely be hiding."

"Do you think Mr. Smith fell for her or she seduced him?"

"Isn't it obvious? It was definitely her who took the initiative. Besides, didn't you realize that producer Johnson was treating her quite good as well? She probably got the role by sleeping with the important people in the set."

"But how could Mr. Smith do this? The first time he has a scandal, and it's with her..."

"Hehe... are you jealous? You could also use supper as a way to care for him, then just offer yourself. If Mr. Smith is tempted, you might be on your way to stardom."

"Me? Jealous? What should I be jealous about? Isn't it just selling your body, that's what prostitutes do!"

As their words became meaner, Camila couldn't help coughing, alarming the group. The instance they saw Isabelle, their faces fell. But quickly, they calmed, stood up, and left, ignoring Isabelle's presence entirely.

First one, and then the rest of them. In less than half a minute, only Camila and Isabelle were left in the lounge.

Camila observed Isabelle. She looked so calm it was scary. After a while, Camila softly opened her mouth, wanting to comfort her friend, "Izzy..."

Isabelle blinked, coming back to her senses. She gave her phone to Camila, and in a calm voice, she instructed, "Go online and find out exactly what kind of news it is."

Finishing, Isabelle took large strides towards the elevator and pressed the button.

The minute she returned to her room, Camila passed her phone over. "Izzy, someone sent an anonymous message on Facebook, and it has gone viral... they said you entered Mr. Smith's room in the middle of the night without notice..."

Camila's voice softened at the end of the sentence.

Isabelle clenched her lips as she reached out for the phone, but Camila pulled it away. "Izzy, every artist has scandals, it'll be over after a while..."

"Give me my phone," Isabelle commanded as she stuck her hand out.

Camila held onto the phone, taking two steps back, shaking her head. "Izzy, you don't have to see this... It's just going to hurt you."

Isabelle who was always mild-tempered couldn't help shouting, "I said, give me my phone!"


Camila bit her lip, seeing the anger on Isabelle's face. In the end, she succumbed and passed the phone to Isabelle.

On Facebook, there were two photos. One was of her standing outside Alexander's room with half of his face exposed when he opened the door. The other photo was of her holding a packet of supper entering his room.

This photo was uploaded at 5 am in the morning. Since Isabelle had been filming the whole afternoon, she didn't bother logging onto Facebbok to check out the latest news.

It had been eight hours since the photo was uploaded and there were already a few thousand shares, and the post had even made it to the headlines.

The latest hit for Instagram, a comment, had over 10k likes: "The second female lead for this show was Annabelle, but at the last moment the role was snatched by Isabelle. Now, the truth has been revealed: SHE SOLD HER BODY!"

The comments after that were all from people scolding her.

"Shameless woman, get out of the entertainment industry!"

"Slut, how dare you seduce my husband!"


Isabelle scrolled, and the comments got increasingly more mean.

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