XIII | Oh, Aren't You a Bit Too Honest?

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"I'm fine. It's alright. Let's go."

After Annabelle spoke, the others who had come into the restroom with her said a few more comforting words and walked out one after the other.

The restroom fell silent.

Isabelle, who was sitting on the toilet, replayed their whole conversation from start to end in her mind. She understood exactly what had happened.

So there were a few investors here tonight, and so the crew booked the KTV room. Annabelle and Alexander were there, but when everyone was singing, Alexander sat quietly on his own. Then, Annabelle tried to get him to join in and sing but got made fun of by him.

Alexander's personality was fairly reclusive. He was never approachable, nor did he like to talk, but when he did speak, he always got down to the point. According to their story, when Alexander made fun of Annabelle tonight, he wasn't quiet about it. It shocked everyone in the room, and he even dragged the director into his rant.

Remembering how Alexander made fun of her when he was mad, Isabelle could imagine the attitude in his voice and the level of awkwardness when he spoke to Annabelle. Isabelle couldn't help but shiver. After making sure that it was silent outside, she stood up and rushed out.

When Isabelle left the ladies' room and stopped at the sink to wash her hands, she noticed Annabelle standing in front of the mirror, fixing up her smudged make up.

Isabelle didn't do anything to wrong to Annabelle, so she brazenly walked up to the sink and turned on the tap, calm and composed. She thoroughly washed her hands.

She didn't look over at Annabelle, but she could sense that the other threw a few glances over at her through the wide mirrors.

Isabelle pretended she didn't notice, finished washing her hands, and wiped them dry on the paper towels beside her. Annabelle closed her powder case and put it away in her handbag. Then, she pulled out her red lipstick. She removed the lid and said in a strange tone, "Miss Davis' acting skills are truly astonishing."

Isabelle couldn't hear the sarcasm in Annabelle's words. At first, when she found out that she'd stolen her role, she wanted to avoid confrontation as much as possible—it's important to keep the peace. However, it was clear that Annabelle had no intentions of keeping the peace at all, so there was no way to work harmoniously. Isabelle wasn't the type to cower, and so she decided that she may as well be frank.

"In the afternoon, it was you who messed with my high heels, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, it was," admitted Annabelle without a trace of hesitation.

Secretly shocked, Isabelle smirked. With an impervious smile, she said, "Oh, aren't you a bit too honest?"

"I dared to do it, so I'm not afraid for you to know." Annabelle put on her red lipstick and slightly pursed her lips to spread out the color. She turned and glanced over at Isabelle as she pulled out her mascara from her bag. "What? So now that you know I sabotaged you, are you waiting for a chance to get revenge?

"But how do you plan to get revenge? By giving me a taste of my own medicine? Will you wait to break my heels when I shoot my scene to humiliate me?" sneered Annabelle with a face of disdain. "Go on, try it. Let's see if you can do it."

Isabelle chuckled. "Miss Annabelle, you're over-thinking it. Even if I were to get revenge, I wouldn't use other people's methods. Besides, I never even thought about getting revenge at all, because I have to thank you. If it weren't for your calls, there wouldn't have been so many people there to see me perform, nor would they have been sold on my shocking skills this afternoon. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have gone with the flow and convinced the director I was improvising on the spot with my broken heels. He wouldn't have seen me in a different light nor would I have received his endless praises. So, Miss Annabelle, thank you."

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