XXI | Never For Her..?

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After the kiss scene, it was the confession scene. There was meant to be a break in between, but now, Alexander was carrying on to the next. Staff members couldn't help but stare astonished at the director, but he only made a hand gesture to signal for silence, for he was glued to the monitor full of excitement.

Actually, this was never in the script. Who knew that after so many retakes, in the very end, Alexander's acting skills would explode? The lines he improvised were exhilarating!

Alexander's voice paired with the world's most touching lines traveled from Isabelle's ears and straight into her heart. She stared into his eyes, slowly becoming entranced.

Alexander's face was like gold dust, there was only tenderness in it. He looked at Isabelle for a long time, blinking softly. In a slightly hoarse voice, he whispered softly, slowly saying the words he had kept deep down for so many years, "This year I found happiness because of you, so..."After saying that, his brows slowly pressed against her forehead. The fingers on her face started to tremble slightly. He stopped for half a minute and looked into her eyes. He grew somber and moved. His voice next revealed a sadness and pain.

"Never leave me again, alright?"

In his heart, Alexander added a word to that line - Isabelle...

His words were only for her, but they could only be said like this to be just for her.

Isabelle was transfixed and a little dazed. In that split second, she completely forgot that she was filming. It was all like a dream to her.

She didn't move, and neither did he. The two of them quietly held their positions like that.

Seeing that the tape was almost finished, the director, who was staring at the monitor, picked up the microphone. He screamed, "Done!"

Without holding back, he started complementing, "Beautiful! That scene just now was just beautiful!"

After the directors' call, Alexander didn't hesitate to pull himself away from Isabelle. From head to toe, he didn't reveal a hint of tenderness and warmth that he'd just displayed on camera. There was only his cold and distant self. As usual, after filming, he left straight away.

When Alexander passed Helen, her head tilted and she laughed out loud without holding back.

"Our Mr. Smith's acting can sure turn pretend into reality!" she stated with a hidden meaning, purposefully emphasizing the last four words.

Alexander walked away as if he didn't hear a word she said and, not sparing her even look, left immediately. On his way, he said to his assistant in a dull voice "Off to remove the makeup" and went to the makeup room.

Long after Alexander had left, Isabelle still lay dumbfounded on the sofa. It was not until Camilla ran up calling for her that she slightly came back to reality. Even then she stood up completely out of it. Camilla followed her as they rushed for the changing room.

The scene just now was indeed spectacular. Camilla couldn't help but start complementing them both, but Isabelle didn't hear a word. Her mind was filled with the way Alexander looked at her during the shoot, his kiss and his words...

Remnants of his kiss, his breath, and warmth lingered between her teeth and lips.

Isabelle couldn't resist reaching out to touch her lips. Her face had become a little red.

When Isabelle and Camilla entered the makeup room, Alexander was already on his way out, having already finished removing his makeup and changing into his own clothes.

Not yet recovered from the scene just now, Isabelle heard Camilla call "Mr. Smith". Only then, did she raise her head to see Alexander walking out. In an instant, her slightly red face grew even redder. She also called, "Mr. Smith."

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