XXXVII | Bubble of Happiness

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When Isabelle finished eating, she put the leftovers in the bin and placed it by the entrance hall. Then, she went upstairs.

Alexander was posed elegantly on the sofa with a notebook on his knees. With both hands, she hastily knocked on the door.

Isabelle's knock was a reminder for Alexander. She strode into the room, took the medicine she'd bought from the pharmacy, and placed it by Alexander on the sofa.

She pointed at the anti-inflammatory pills and said gently, "These are anti-inflammatory pills. After a while, remember to take them. You need to take four..." Then she pointed at the rubbing ointment and said, "This is to be applied externally. If you need it, I'll come over tomorrow to put it on. If you don't, you can find your assistant."

Alexander carried the computer in his hand, and slightly stiffened at her words. He gave a light nod.

Isabelle followed with a nod of her own. After staying quiet for a while, she said, "So it's getting late, I'll head out first."

Alexander didn't say a word. Isabelle waited for a few seconds, then said, "Goodbye". She got her bag and walked out of Alexander's bedroom.

Alexander sat on the sofa, unmoving. Before, he was always alone in the villa, yet he didn't feel lonely. Perhaps because of her appearance, when she suddenly left, he felt like the villa became frighteningly empty.

Hearing the sound of the car starting up downstairs, Alexander grabbed the laptop and stood up. He walked over to the bed and looked around for a while for his phone.

He dialed a number. "Yeah, temporarily close off the exit, and let those off duty for half an hour. Yeah, thanks."

After he hung up the phone, Alexander walked, calm and composed, back to the sofa. He sat down, brought up his laptop, and continued to handle the urgent documents his company had sent him today.

With every letter he typed, Alexander sneaked a glance at the phone by his side. On the fifteenth time he looked up, his phone screen lit up with a call from Isabelle.

Alexander wasn't in a hurry to pick up, continuing to type on the keyboard. Then he very slowly reached his arm out to grab his phone. He slid a finger across the screen and picked up the call, "What's wrong?"

"The gates of your villa are locked and there isn't anyone on duty. Do you have an access card?" Isabelle asked in soft voice, through the phone and into Alexander's ears.

"Yeah," Alexander actually answered honestly. Then he stood up, pretended to look around for a while. He even purposefully made some noise for Isabelle to hear through the phone. Eventually, he held up the access card, looked at it for some time, and lied over the phone without looking red-faced or panting from the search, "Oh, I just remembered. Two days ago, I must have left it in the hotel at the set when I changed clothes and never brought it back."

"Ah?" cried Isabelle in shock. "So how do I get out?"

Alexander didn't say a word, as though he was really thinking of a plan. After a while, he shared the plan in his mind, "Come back first. If you can't leave tonight, then stay here for now."

Isabelle, who couldn't leave the villa, thought it thorough, but could only do as told, and so she replied with an "oh".

Alexander didn't say more and hung up straightaway.

Alexander lowered his head, looking at the access card in his hands. Walking over to a locker, he lifted his head and punched in the passcode, throwing the access card in before slamming the door shut. Returning back to the sofa calmly, he continued to work on his computer.

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