Chapter 20

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Note- the next few chapters are going to be drama free cause I'm really not in the mood for any drama.

Today was the last day of tour. Unfortunately it is also the busiest day. I have to be up an ready in about 10 minutes for some interviews but I'm still lying here. I heard some banging on my door. "Y/N GET UP WE NEED TO GO" Mike shouted through the door. Fifth Harmony got rid of Chris but people still don't know about Camila and I. As far as there aware we are not together but as soon as there are no cameras around we are basically glued together. I slowly got up and got ready for the day.

At the venue........

'Whats up? Today I am here with the amazing 'Hope', how you guys doing?' The last interview had started. We all replied at the same time so nothing we said was very clear. 'So it's the last day that your opening for Fifth Harmony? How has it been?' The woman asked.

'Its been amazing, we're all friends as it's been really fun to hang out with them' Claire answered. No matter how much I wanted to answer I couldn't so I didn't make people suspicious.

'So what are your plans after this tour? Where are you heading?' She asked.

'Uh well we are actually making a move to America for a while. We are staying in LA for a while with should be fun cause I'm pale as hell' I replied making everyone laugh. I'm normally am really bad at jokes so when I make people laugh I mentally applaud myself.

'Whats happening to London?' She asked.

'We will still keep our flat there cause we will be back and forth a lot but right now we have to be here to record and meetings and releasing new music which is so exciting' Max said.

'But we are coming back London don't worry' Dan added.

The interview went on and when it was over we headed straight to meet and greet.

When we finished meet as greet we headed straight to soundcheck and the. Straight to dinner. "Y/N" I turned to find Camila. I hugged her so tightly.

"I missed you" I said.

"I missed you to" Camila replied pecking my lips as we sat down to eat. Our hands were locked together until I had to go on stage.


We watched all of Fifth Harmonys set offstage until we did what only good opening acts do. Take over the stage and start spraying them with silly string and stuff. We were all running around until I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned to find Camila.

"Kiss me" She said, I could barely hear over the music but it was audioble.

"What about everyone?" I asked confused.

"Just kiss me" Camila said before grabbing the back of my neck and pulling me into her crashing our lips together. I wrapped my arms around her waist. Even though I knew the crowd were going mental I felt like we were the only two people there. Everything felt right. We pulled apart when Dinah started spraying up with silly string. "I love you" Camila said.

"I love you to" I replied. For the rest of the last song we skipped around together holding hands.

Back at the Hotel.........

"That was so much fun" everyone was buzzing when we got back to the hotel. Everyone had said goodnight to each other apart from Camila and I. We went to Camila's hotel room she was sharing with Dinah but she had disappeared off somewhere so it was empty. Their hotel room was much fancier than mine. "Come on" Camila said tugging my hand.

"Where are we going?" I laughed following her as she opened two door. Oh so they have a balcony as well. I sat on the floor as Camila sat between my legs. I wrapped my arms round her stomach as she held them there.

"Tell me a story" Camila sighed.

"What kind of story?" I asked. I would happily tell her one.

"I don't mind" Camila replied.

"Uh okay let's see" I said thinking. It took me a while but I finally thought of one. "As we lived in the tiny village in Norfolk there were only about 10 kids our age, we were all taught at the village hall because the nearest actual school was 30 minutes away but buses and trains only come every 2 hours their so it's pretty impossible to make it on time, but when Izzy and Ollie died we became eight, we were all very close, we were best friends" Camila interrupted.

"Who's we?" She asked.

"Max, Millie, Dan, Claire, James, Callie, Alexa and I" I replied. "we were the best of friends until one day this new girl came, Olivia, she didn't live in our village but the next one along, she was everything a girl wanted to be, pretty, funny, smart, talented and she showed us that right away. The problem was she wasn't nice, she thought it was fun to bully me but of course no one noticed that, the girls were too focused on becoming her best friend and the boys well they fell for her. When no one was looking she was throw comments at me and make me feel bad about myself" I could feel the tears in my eyes. "Well one day I walked into her and Max making out and she became Max's first girlfriend. She bullied me from the day she came and the day she left and their were numerous times I wanted to kill myself cause I couldn't deal with it, one day though she just dissappeared. I mean I was happy about it but where the hell did she go? She didn't say anything she just left. But Last year we did see her, we had a show and she was working at the venue, selling our merch, she didn't realise it was us at first but then we saw her and all I could do was laugh cause she was literally shocked as hell. Everyone knew about her bulling me now so we all ignored her. Although when I walked past her, surrounded by screaming fans she shouted 'your still a fat loser'. I laughed cause all our fans heard and started attacking her I told them to back off a bit and shouted back. 'Sorry I can't hear you over my screaming fans' and then u just walked away, apparently she got fired though so that's good" I finished the story realising how depressing that story actually was. "I'm sorry I just realised that was really depressing" I said. Camila still hadn't said anything but just simply sat up and turned to straddle my waist. She looked kind of upset.

"What did she call you Y/N?" Camila asked. I saw a tear fall and it broke my heart to see that I had made her upset. I quickly wiped the tear away.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you upset" I said. Camila shook her head.

"What did she call you to make you consider killing yourself" Camila asked again. I gulped.

"Um she called me fat a lot, a loser, untalented, ugly, she said that Rachel died because she want to see me anymore, that one hurt the most" I said realising I was crying now. Camila held my head so I would still look at her.

"Don't you dare ever listen to any of that because you are the complete opposite, you are beautiful, talented, your the most amazing person I have ever met, I want you to remember that this girl who ever she is should never be listened to, I love you so much, so much and I can't imagine being without you" Camila said before pulling me in to kiss her. It was slow and I could taste salt from our tears but I didn't care. We both pulled back and Camila jumped up. "Will you stay with me?" Camila asked. I nodded as we both lied down.

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