Chapter 27

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"Ugh why did they keep me in like a week extra that's so long" I said finally being able to sit down on my own sofa.

"You were only in there for two extra days" Max replied.

"Oh, well it felt like forever" I said. I turned in the TV and started flicking through the channels. "OH MY GOD GLEE'S ON" I shouted. I clicked on it and almost started sobbing when I realised it was an old one. I miss Cory so much.

"HEY GUYS" I turned to see Dinah had just burst through the door as usual, and sitting next to me.

"You can knock you know" Dan laughed. Dinah threw a pillow at him.

"Where's Camila?" I asked turning to face her.

"Oh thanks, you don't even say hello just get straight to where your girlfriend is" Dinah said.

"Sorry, let's start again. Hello Dinah, now where's Camila?" I asked. She went back to their apartment when we got back.

"Thank you and she is getting changed, Ally, being the little angel she is, said she'd wait for her" Dinah replied. I nodded and turned my attention back to the TV. "Isn't there any Football on?" Dinah asked trying to grab the remote. I quickly moved my arm out of reach.

"No, Glee is on" I replied.

"Don't mess with Y/N when Glee is on, I've already been through that" Millie said. I laughed remembering the time she grabbed the remote an changed the channel when I was gone to get a drink, I rugby tackled her to the ground and made her swear never to change Glee over again. I suddenly felt two arms wrap around me and cover my eyes.

"Guess who?" It was obvious who it was but I played along.

"I have no clue, you sound very familiar though" I replied. I stopped to pretend think for a minute. "Oh are you that angel I met at the hospital" I said making Camila laugh and uncover my eyes. I tipped my head back to find her lingering above me. "Oh it's Camila, I would have never of guessed" I laughed. Camila leant down placing a quick kiss on my lips before climbing over and sitting on my lap. "HEY ALLY" I called knowing the older girl was somewhere.

"HEY" she called back, not sure from where though.

"What are you guys watching?" Camila asked.

"we're being forced to watch Glee" Dinah said. I hit her arm making Camila laugh.

"Their not being forced, they just know not to turn it over when I'm watching Glee, I'm not making them sit here they chose to" I said explaining my side of everything. Camila giggled.

"Sorry Dinah, my girlfriend wins" Camila said kissing my cheek. I smiled at her.

"If you two weren't so insanely cute together I would have given you both a poly beatdown" Dinah said.

"You always say that but it has never happened" I laughed.

"No not yet" Dinah said raising her eyebrows before disappearing leaving just Camila and I to watch Glee.

"Where did all the others go?" I asked confused. Camila shrugged and snuggled into me.

"Do you really care?" Camila asked.

"No not really" I laughed. We sat in a comfortable silence and watched Glee. We had missed half the episode from talking but I've seen it so many times I know what happens. "Do you know what's going on?" I laughed realising Camila was probably confused as hell.

"Nope, I don't care though, I haven't been watching" Camila said. I looked down at her. "I don't need to watch the TV when my beautiful girlfriend is right next to me" Camila giggled at my consumed look. I smiled and kissed the top of her head. Their was a sudden knock on the door. When no body bothered to answer I decided to get up. Camila groaned when I moved her but quickly got up and jumped on my back.

"your a really comfy person" Camila said just as we reached the door. I laughed opening the door to reveal no one. I looked around but saw no one apart from an envelope on the floor. Camila got off my back so I could pick up the envelope. It had my name on it. It was hand delivered. no Stamp. I closed the front door and sat back on the sofa, Camila giving me worried looks.

"I don't know what to do?" I asked looking at Camila. This was making me scared and I didn't like it.

"Well you don't have to open it" Camila said taking my hand in hers.

"What if it's important?" I asked.

"Babe, I know your scared, I'm scared too" Camila replied. I sighed and picked up the envelope. I opened it to see that there was a letter inside.


Watch Out

That's all it said. To say I was scared would be an under statement cause I was terrified.

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