Chapter 22 (Camila's POV)

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When I'm around Y/N I feel safe, happy, just all things things I never felt to this extent before and honestly I love it. I love her. I've been in love with her since the moment I knocked on their trailer door and she opened. My mom is coming into LA this week and telling Y/N the news that she will meet her made her nervous. Right now she was pacing the room like a mad person. An adorable mad person. "Babe, calm down, she already loves you" I said. Y/N stopped, and have me the cutest little face ever.

"She does?" Y/N asked. I got up and took both her hands in mine.

"She really does, the paps get a lot of pictures and videos of us you know, she's seen most of them" I said. Y/N sighed.

"I hope so cause if she doesn't like me then we have a problem cause I'm afraid I can't leave you, ever" Y/N said wrapping her arms around my waist.

"Well that's good cause I was planning to kidnap you if you ever tried" I laughed wrapping my arms around her neck.

"Don't worry, I know that takes a lot of work which I will happily not put you through" Y/N replied as I leaned in and kissed her. With her I felt like we were the only two in the world. But if course someone always interrupts. It's mostly Dinah.

"HEY MILA Y/N- oh sorry" As always it's Dinah. Y/N and I laughed while pulling away from each other and interlacing our fingers. "I was just gonna ask if you guys want to do something today as it's out day off and we don't have to be in the studio" Dinah said. We both use the same studio which means I get to see Y/N as much as I want which is great.

"What did you have in mind?" Y/N asked.

"Well Julian asked if we wanted to go to the One Direction concert tonight" Dinah said and I almost ran to the arena right then but I didn't cause, 1. That's weird and 2. I like holding Y/N's hand.

"Can we go? Please please please" I begged turning to Y/N. She laughed.

"Of course, but is it alright if Millie comes, she will kill me if I go and she doesn't" Y/N laughed.

"Yeah of course, I think we're all going, Ally, Normani and Lauren already left to go to yours to ask. Another thing, their apartment is in the same building as ours. It's like Friends!! "Well we leave in about 30 minutes so go get ready" Dinah said. Y/N and I laughed.

"We are ready, your the only one in your Pajamas" I laughed.

"Oh right" she said before walking out. I wrapped my arms around Y/N's neck again as she wrapped hers around my waist.

"Where were we" I said while leaning in.

"Y/N WE'RE GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION AND 5SOS" Millie screamed bursting through the door. Y/N pecked my lips before she unwrapped her arms from my waist and held my hand instead.

"I know" Y/N said.

"No Y/N you don't understand, I'm going to meet them after all these years" Millie said lying down on my bed. Y/N and I just laughed while Millie was in her dream state.

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