Chapter 23

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I'm not a massive fan of One Direction but they are really talented. I remember watching them in the X Factor. Millie cried when they came third. It was funny. I'm kinda nervous to meet them though. We were following Julian to the backstage area where they were. Apart from Millie freaking out about how she is meeting 5SOS and One Direction I was fine cause I had the wonderful Camila right beside me. He stopped outside a door which I'm assuming is where they all are. Millie started gripping my arm. "Get off me" I said trying to shake her off.

"I'm going to die" Millie replied. After a while I gave up and let her stay there. Julian laughed and opened the door and it was so weird being faced with One Direction and 5SOS cause there so big in this industry. They all immediately noticed us and came over.

"Oh hey more Brits" Louis said. We all looked at each other confused.

"You know who we are?" Claire asked. They all nodded.

"Of course, we love your song Fallin' For You, Niall showed it to us" Harry said. I think I can feel Millie die right beside me.

"You wrote it right?" Niall asked me. I nodded.

"Yeah" I replied.

"It's amazing" Niall said. Did he just wink at me? What the hell. We all kinda split off into separate conversations. Millie was actually having a conversation with Ashton and Harry. Claire and Dinah were talking to Michael, Zyan and Calum. Normani, Dan and Lauren were with Liam and Luke. Max and Ally were talking to Louis and Camila and I were with Niall. Even though we were talking to him I couldn't help but stare at Camila every once and a while. She was just so unbelievably beautiful.

"Y/N!!" Camila said. I quickly turned my head back to face them.

"Huh what?" I said. Camila smirked at me. Damn I was caught.

"I asked if you write all your songs?" Niall said.

"Oh I've wrote most of them mainly because the first time we tried Claire and Millie ended up writing a song about being stalked and Max and Dan wrote one about Minecraft, so yeah I wrote them all" I replied. We had only released 2 EP's and then Fallin for you came out a week ago but other than that there's nothing.

"I've heard them all, your really talented" Niall said. There it is again. He winked.

"Uh thanks" I said. Camila's grip got tighter in my hand.

"Any more music coming out soon?" Niall asked.

"We're actually working on our Album at the moment which is fun" I said.

"That's so cool, I will defiantly be getting that" Niall said.

"Guys we gotta go" some security guy yelled.

"Man, okay uh we'll see you after the show?" Niall asked. I nodded. Camila let go of my hand, which I instantly missed, to hug him. He then moved on to me. "See you later" he whispered in my ear before kissing my cheek and heading out with the others. I'm sure he didn't do that with Camila. Before I could go speak to the others Camila dragged me to the corner of the room.

"What the hell was that?" She asked. She looked kinda angry at me.

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused.

"You and Niall, flirting right I front of me" Camila asked crossing her arms. I was so lost.

"I wasn't flirting with him" I replied.

"That's why he kept winking at you and then kissed your cheek" Camila asked angrily.

"Camila I don't get what's going on? I wasn't flirting with him" I said. Camila still didn't look impressed. "Camila, I wasn't flirt-" she cut me off.

"Just forget it" she said before walking off. What just happened? I tried to catch up to her but she was already out the room and Lauren grabbed my arm.

"What's going on?" Lauren asked.

"Camila thinks Niall and I were flirting but I don't even know how to so that's impossible and now she's really mad at me but I didn't do anything and and" I was starting to get upset. Lauren put her hands on my shoulders.

"Y/N calm down, I'll go speak to Camz, everything is going to be fine okay?" Lauren said.

"But what if she hates me-" I was cut off.

"She won't, she loves you with everything she is" Lauren said pushing me back. "I'm going to speak to her" she said before walking off to find Camila. I can't deal with her being mad at me. Ugh god!!

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