Chapter 18 (Camilas POV)

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Note- this is Camila's POV

I wish I could just tell her. I want to tell her everything. That she doesn't need to fight for me since she already owns my heart. I approached our manager Chris. "How long do I have to do this?" I asked Chris. He looked up to me from his seat.

"Until I tell you" Chris replied.

"No, I hate this, why are you making me do this? Why do I have to keep lying to Y/N, she has a right to know I didn't agree to this you can't force me to do this" I said crossing my arms.

"You can't tell her Camila" Chris said.

"Why not? I love her" I said starting to get angry.

"No one can know, this is between me, you, Austin and his manager, no one can know that you and Austin aren't really dating" Chris said.

"WHAT" I turned to see everyone burst through the door. Lauren, Dinah, Normani, Ally, Millie, Claire, Max, Dan, everyone but Y/N.

"Your telling me YOU broke my sisters heart" Max said pointing at Chris. He looked kinda worried.

"Now Calm down" Chris said.

"How can we calm down, all this time we have been shouting at Camila telling her how stupid she was to break up with Y/N when this was all you, you set this whole thing up" Dinah said.

"We're going, you better sort this out Chris" Lauren said before we all walked out. We all walked into 'Hope's' bus and sat down where there was space.

"Camila why would you agree to this?" Claire asked.

"I didn't" I replied.

"Tell us what happened then" Ally said. I nodded.

"After the show Austin came to get me saying that we needed to talk. Of course I went with him cause I could just say no. So I went and he led me down this dark little alley thing. The problem was Austin knew what he was doing. He knew about the whole thing cause those three planned it. So next thing I know he's kissing me. I tried to push my off but he's a lot stronger. Then Y/N showed up because he knew she would come looking for me and then Chris told me this whole plan afterwards. I said no but Austin continued so it looked like we were going out when really I was stuck" I said. It felt good finally letting it all out. Before anyone could reply the door opened.

"Woah Why is everyone in here?" Y/N said. We all looked at her. "Guys what's going on?" Y/N asked.

"Y/N we need to talk" Millie said. She looked so adorable when she was confused.

10 minutes later....

"So what your telling me is that this is all Chris' fault" Y/N asked. Everyone nodded and she finally turned to me. I nodded and gave her a sad smile.

"I'm so sorry Y/N about all of this" I said but Y/N shook her head.

"I already forgave you remember, this just saves a whole lot of fighting though" Y/N smiled.

"You still need to act like Camila and Austin are dating though Y/N" Normani said.

"I don't care whether We have to be secret as long as their is still an us" Y/N looked at me hopefully. I nodded.

"There had never stopped being an us" I replied getting up and doing something I have been waiting to do for so long now. I crashed my lips into Y/N's. There were some awwwws and some ewwwwws but I could care less right now. When I pulled back I was sitting on Y/N's lap. I started to get up.

"Sorry" I quickly said but she pulled me back down.

"I have been away from you for two long please don't move" Y/N said. I smiled and pecked her lips before interlacing our fingers and snuggling into her side.

"Okay well that didn't take long" Dan said making us all laugh.

"We just need a plan" Lauren said. We all stayed quiet for a while which I didn't mind cause I was all cosy with Y/N.

"I've got it" Dinah said. We all turned to her as she told us a plan that might actually work.

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