Chapter 9

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"Y/N stop putting it off and speak to her" Claire said. I had moved back into the house with them cause I didn't want to over stay my welcome with the Cimorelli's. I see them a lot though so it's fine. We also found out that we would be here for only two months as planned cause the recording has gone quicker than expected. It kinda sucks though cause I like it here but there are discussions in place for actually moving here. I'm not to sure about the idea but let's see what happens. "It's been a week Y/N you need to do something before we leave" Claire continued.

"I'm scared" I replied sitting in the sofa.

"why are you scared?" Millie asked.

"You know she likes you so what's the matter?" Dan asked.

"I don't know it's just what is she hates me after I ran away" I replied looking down.

"baby sis she will still like you" Max said.

"I'm only the youngest by 7 minutes" I replied making them all laugh.

"Your still the youngest, those 7 minutes count" Max laughed.

"Fine I'll speak to her" I replied. We have a day off recording today so there is no better time really. I got up.

"Wait now?" Dan asked.

"It's either now or never" I replied picking up my phone and heading out the front door. I walked around for a while just thinking about everything. People are already confused about Camila and I's relationship after being caught at the beach by paperazzi. The good thing is lots of people ship it, the bad thing is I completely messed it up by getting confused. Lauren said Camila hadn't come out of her room since that day. I finally built up the courage to actually go to their house after an hour of walking around doing nothing. When I got there though I was too nervous to knock. I stood there for about 15 minutes until I forced my own hand to knock. I stood outside that door for what felt like forever until Dinah opened it.

"Oh my god it's about time" Dinah said.

"Hello to you to" I replied.

"Why has it taken you so long girl?" Dinah asked letting me inside the house.

"Cause I was scared and I still kinda am now" I replied.

"Well she's in her room where she has been for the last week, no one else is in just me and Mila" Dinah said. I nodded and began to head to Camila's room. "Y/N?" Dinah called I turned for a moment. "Please don't ruin it again" Dinah laughed.

"I won't" I replied. I stopped outside of Camila's room but still heard nothing. I tried for about 10 minutes to open the door but I just couldn't do it. Come on Y/N, you can do it. I finally slowly opened the door and saw Camila under the covers.

"Go away Dinah, I just want to be alone in my- Y/N?" Camila had taken the cover off her head and was staring at me confused which made me scared as hell.

"Uh h h hi" I stuttered closing her door behind me.

"W w what are you doing here?" She replied.

"I came to talk to you, if that's okay" I said looking down realising that she might not actually want to see me. I heard some shuffling before looking up again to see her patting a spot next to her. I awkwardly went over and sat down. "Camila I'm sorry, I I I was just really confused cause you said you didn't like me and then you kissed me and I got upset cause I just thought you did it cause you felt bad and then Lauren got mad at me and made me realise maybe you had a reason you did it and I ran off before you could exp-" Camila cut me off.

"Your adorable when you ramble" She said giving me a small smile. "And yes you didn't let me explain but I can see what you mean by being confused cause I didn't really explain anything" Camila said.

"Will you explain now?" I asked hopefully.

"Y/N I'm going to be completely honest and say I like you, like a lot, and I have since before I met you and I'm sorry I gave you your first kiss-" Camila said.

"Wait why are you sorry?" I cut her off.

"Because it should have never been me" Camila said looking down which made me really confused.

"Yes it should have, Camila I already told you I like you, in my eyes you are perfect" I said. She looked up at me. I took both her hands in mine. "Camila I don't know how this whole thing works but I've never wanted someone so much in my life that it took me 15 minutes to open the door because I was scared I'd loose them forever" I said ad she laughed.

"It took you 15 minutes it open the door when all I've wanted is for you to be here with me" Camila said.

"Well I sound stupid now" I replied. We had an intense stare off before Camila looked at my lips before looking back up to meet my eyes asking for permission. She leaned in and I felt her lips press against mine. It was short but sweet and I could feel fireworks going off. When we both pulled back I smiled.

"Will you just lay with me for a while?" Camila asked. I nodded.

"Anything if it's with you" I said as we both lied down. I wouldn't admit it yet but I've fallen and I've fallen hard.

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