Chapter 5

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I had just got out the booth when I saw Lisa and Christina walk in. "Hi" I said hugging them both.

"Hi" Lisa replied.

"I hope you don't mind I came I just wanted to be my sisterly self and help you out cause you like my child" Christina said. I laughed.

"No it's cool" I replied. "Let me just grab my phone and we can talk in one of the other rooms" I said. I walked over to Dan who I told to look after my phone. I only told him because he's the only one that doesn't know the code. He passed me my phone. "Thanks Dan, I'm just going to hang out with Lisa and Christina for a while" I said. Dan nodded.

"Yeah, I think you have done most of your stuff for today anyway, we'll text you if we need anything" Dan said. I smiled and thanked him before Christina, Lisa and I walked down and sat in an empty room. I may hate being away from home but I do love being in America cause it means I get to hang out with all my friends who live here which I don't get to do at home. I just see the same 4 ugly faces each day. Only joking. I love them to deaf but it's nice to see others. "Quick question how come you told Lisa but not the rest of us?" Christina asked.

"I didn't tell Lisa by choice, I accidentally blurted it out" I replied.

"Oh good, I knew you would come to me first" Christina said. I laughed when Lisa hit we gently.

"No she wouldn't" Lisa said.

"Anyway who else knows?" Christina asked turning back to me.

"So Millie, Claire, Max, Dan, you two and your sisters and then Lauren as Dinah from Fifth Harmony" I replied. Christina looked at me confused.

"How did Dinah and Lauren find out?" Christina asked.

"Cause Lauren forced it out of me and told Dinah" I replied.

"How big is your crush on her?" Christina asked. Lisa laughed.

"Oh she really likes her, but it's so cute like that time I asked her on the phone she went went on for ages" Lisa said.

"Well I'm sorry" I said. "But yeah it's gotten bigger since I actually met her, like before I kinda thought it was just like a celeb crush but I really don't think so anymore" I continued. Christina and Lisa stayed silent for a moment thinking about what to say which made me anxious. They both started to talk at the same time.

"Christina you go because we are probably thinking the same thing but you'll say it better" Lisa said. Christina nodded and turned to me.

"Okay so I think that you should wait a while and see what happens cause you don't want to like force it, she may even end up liking you" Christina said. Lisa nodded along next to her.

"She will never like me back" I said looking down.

"Look Y/N your like our little sister and we don't want you to get sad over this so keep positive" Lisa said.

"Yeah I guess" I said looking back up at them. "Thanks guys for everything, you are literally the best" I smiled.

"We know" they both replied at the same time, I laughed as we got up and headed back to the studio.

"You should come live with us if you think your house mental" Lisa said. We all laughed as I pushed open the door but quickly stopped when I saw Camila standing there smiling at me. Christina and Lisa walked into the back of me.

"Hey Y/N why did you- oh hey Camila" Christina said.

"Hey" Camila smiled. Max was making kissy faces behind Camila.

"Wh wh what are you doing here? N n not that I don't want you here cause I do it's just hi" all my sentences got mixed up making Camila giggle. Someone should have warned me cause when I'm not prepared I get nervous.

"Hello to you to and I'm here cause I wanted to come and say hi if that's alright" Camila said nervously which was adorable.

"Yeah of course" I replied. Christina and Lisa had moved behind Camila and were laughing their heads off at my stupidness.

"So Y/N why don't you show Camila around?" Max said.

"yeah what a good idea" Lisa said. I glared at them both.

"Uh what about Lisa and Christina I didn't show them around" I replied hoping they would come to to cover for me.

"No it's fine we've been here before we should catch up with Max and people" Christina said.

"Yeah sure okay" I said. Camila smiled at me.

"You don't have to" Camila said.

"No no it's fine I don't mind" I replied hoping she wouldn't think I didn't want her here cause I did. I loved having her here. We said bye to the others before heading out of the studio we're in and walking around all the others.

"Are you okay?" Camila asked. "You look a little nervous" Camila added. I shook my head.

"No I I'm uh fine" I replied. Lie. I knew Camila could tell I was lying but didn't push me for more information what I was glad about. We decided to stop and sit down for a while. Not on a seat or anything just in the middle of the hall on the floor.

"Did I ever tell you that I liked your accent?" Camila asked. I shook my head not remembering her saying that. "Well then I like your accent" Camila said making me laugh.

"I like your accent to but no offence your not very good at a British accent" I laughed.

"Yes I am look I shall get you a cup of tea and we can sort this out like gentlemen" Camila said in a bad British accent.

"also not every British person likes tea you know" I said.

"Yes they do name one" Camila said. I laughed.

"Me" I replied. She looked at me shocked.

"You don't like tea?" She asked. I shook my head.

"No I prefer Coffee, I mean I don't mind it but I don't particularly like it" I replied.

"oh well I guess you win" Camila said. I quickly got up and did a small victory dance making her laugh before sitting back down. We sat in silence for a while which was nice. "You know how yesterday you said you had never dated anyone or like kissed anyone?" Camila asked. I turned to look at her and nodded. "Have you ever liked someone at least?" Camila asked. I laughed. "Why are you laughing? I was asking you a question" Camila asked.

"Because I have liked, well I do like someone, so much it hurts" I replied.

"Who? Do I know them?" Camila jumped.

"I'm not telling you" I replied. Camila pouted which was adorable but I didn't give in.

"What do you like about them?" Camila asked. She looked at me curiously.

"Everything, their eyes, their nose, their smile, just everything. Their smart, funny, amazing, talented, beautiful. I like the way they have this thing over me where even if we're not talking but in the same room they an make me smile. I just have to get over the fact that they will never like me back" I sighed looking down. Camila grabbed my hand and held it in her own which made my heart stop for a moment.

"Y/N if this person, whoever it is, doesn't like you then they are missing out big time. You are one of the most amazing, caring, loveable person I have ever met and I am so happy we did" Camila said. I looked up at her and felt a tear fall down my cheek when our eyes met. Camila wiped the tear away and pulled me into a hug. I haven't cried in front of anyone in about 7 years and Camila just did it in a matter of minutes. I think I'm falling for her and I'm falling fast, but she will never catch me.

Note- next Chapter will be in Camila's POV!!!

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