Chapter 12

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Camila and I were with each other all day yesterday. We didn't separate once, well apart from when we needed to, like to go to the toilet. Today though we go back to London and this drive to the airport is going way to quickly for my liking. Camila interlaced our fingers an I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back but there was sadness in her eyes which made my heart ache. A lot of people came to to say goodbye at the airport. The Cimorelli's, all the Fifth Harmony girls and some good friends of ours. Plus all the amazing fans that were waiting outside. I took pictures with a few but we were rushed inside. My hand never left Camila's for the entire time. "Right the flight leaves in 30 minutes" Ben said. I got up from my seat, Camila looked at me strangely but I tugged her up with me.

"We'll be back in a bit" I said and Camila and I walked off and down some hallway where I stopped.

"Y/N what are we doing?" Camila laughed.

"I wanted to say goodbye without everyone watching" I said. I could feel the tears but kept them in for now. Camila was about to speak but I cut her off. "Camila some how I haven't felt homesick for these past two months, I actually really want to stay here because I met this girl, who I have had this crush on since I first saw her. She is amazing, caring, is beautiful inside and out, has the voice like an angel and even though no one else thinks so I think she is absolutely freaking hilarious. I talk talk about this girl forever but I won't because I have to get on a flight soon that I rated not be taking. I fell for this girl harder than that time I fell down those escalators" Camila laughed through her tears which I quickly wiped away. "This girl is you Camila, if you hadn't already guessed. You literally make me so happy and it's killing me that I have to go but I love you and I think is have for a while now, so Camila since I never officially asked will you please be my girlfriend?" I asked. Camila was sobbing before nodding quickly and crashing her lips into mine. When we needed air we both pulled back but she kept her arms around my neck and I kept mine around her waist.

"I really don't know how to top that" Camila said making me laugh. "This is literally one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life so I'm not going to, I'm not going to say goodbye cause it will hurt too much, i'm going to say see you in a minute cause I mean you are my screen saver so" Camila said. I smiled and pecked her lips. "I love you and as soon as you get back I'm not leaving your side because we waisted like a month of not spending every moment together an I'm not doing that again" Camila laughed. I heard a cough. We both turned our heads to find Mike. I sighed.

"Uh it's time to go" Mike said. I turned back to Camila kissing her again before we both pulled apart and walked back to where all the others were saying goodbye. I said goodbye to all the others quickly.

"Look after here" I whispered to Lauren as we hugged.

"I'm not you so it may not work" Lauren replied and I laughed. We said goodbye before I headed back over to Camila who was hugging Millie. When Millie was done, which felt like forever, I pulled Camila into me and kissed her. We both pulled back laughing when when heard screams from the fans watching. I waved at them and they screamed again. I handed Camila a box.

"Don't open it till I'm gone" I whispered. She nodded and put it in her pocket.

"We really need to go" Ben said. I felt a few tears fall as Camila stroked my cheek.

"I guess I'll see you in a minute" I laughed pulling out my phone.

"I'll see you in a minute to" Camila laughed through tears. I kissed her quickly before being picked up by an impatient Mike.

"I LOVE YOU" I called.

"I LOVE YOU TOO" Camila called back I smiled before being taken out of view where I burst into tears. These are going to be the longest weeks of my life.

Note- next chapter is Camila's POV

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