Chapter 13

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As soon as Y/N was carried around the corner I burst into tears. I felt a pair of arms wrap quickly around me. I looked up hoping it was Y/N but it turned out to be only Dinah. I love Dinah but bit disappointed if I'm honest. "It's okay Mila, she's coming back" Dinah said. I nodded my head.

"Yeah she has liked you for like ever" Lisa said.

"I I I ju just don't want h her to g g go" I sobbed.

"Wait you knew?" Dinah asked. We were standing with Lisa while the others had gone to get a drink.

"Yeah I was the first to know" Lisa smiled.

"You were?" Dinah asked letting go of me.

"Yeah she accidentally said it when we were talking about a year ago" Lisa said and I almost choked.

"A year?" I asked. Lisa and Dinah laughed at me.

"Yeah, well actually it was longer than that cause she liked you before she told me" Lisa said. "She only told her band mates cause I told her to, then a few weeks ago I told my sisters the same day Dinah and Lauren found out actually" Lisa said pointing at Dinah. I turned to face Dinah cause this is news to me.

"You knew?" I asked Dinah. She nodded. "So I was the last to know" I said.

"No Normani and Ally didn't know, they found out when you did" Dinah said.

"Yeah well anyway, Y/N was so cute whenever I would ask about you to her" Lisa said. I smiled. Y/N is so adorable. I felt my heart flutter just thinking about her. I wish she was here right now. It's only been about 10 minutes but it feels like forever.

1 Month Later......

Y/N and I are amazing. The distance sucks but we talk everyday. Well apart from today. I haven't heard from her at all and I'm getting a little worried. There was no good morning text, nothing at all. The girls and I are going on tour tomorrow, today was our last day of 'freedom'. We had a kinda leaving party later today. "Lauren should I be worried?" I asked Lauren who was sitting next to me on the couch. She turned to face me.

"About what Camz?" Lauren replied. I frowned.

"Well I haven't heard from Y/N at all today and I normally have heard from her by now, I texted her but there's no reply, I called her but her phone is off" I said. Lauren laughed at me.

"Camz calm down, I'm sure she's fine, she's probably busy" Lauren said. I nodded even though I wasn't convinced. "Look, there is nothing to be worried about Camila, now come on we have to get ready for the party" Lauren said grabbing my hand and pulling me to my room. She pushed me into my room so I could get ready before she ran off to hers. I didn't want to dress to fancy so I put on something I would normally wear cause I mean it's not a big party it's just some friends, our tour manager, make up artist, just anyone who is coming with us or we aren't going to see for a while. When I was ready I walked back down the stairs.

"Hey Camila, we leave in about 20 minutes" Ally said. I nodded before joining Normani in the kitchen.

"Hey" Normani said.

"Hi" I replied.

"You alright Mila? You seem a little down" Mani asked. I nodded.

"I'm fine it's just I'm worried about Y/N" I said. Normani laughed.

"Oh don't worry Lauren already told me, I'm sure she's fine" Normani said.

"That's what everyone says" I mumbled before walking out the room.

We had just arrived at the small little going away party thing. We were only going for like a month around America, I didn't see the need for a party but everyone else did. I didn't feel in the party mood.

An hour went by and all I could worry about was Y/N. They all told me to relax but the person I love had just disappeared off the face of the earth, it's harder to calm down than you think. I suddenly felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I quickly took it out and didn't hesitate to answer it when I saw Y/N's name.

Me: Hello?

Y/N: oh my god I missed you

Me: I missed you to

Y/N: I'm sorry Camila something came up.

Me: it's okay

Y/N: So what are you doing now?

Me: I'm at a party cause you know we start tour tomorrow.

Y/N: yeah I know.

Me: Where are you? It's really loud.

I could hear very loud music in the background and lots of people.

Y/N: Oh I'm at a party to.

Me: really?

Y/N: Yeah

Me: Where are you?

There was a short silence.

Y/N: Turn around

Turn around?! What does she mean turn around?! I frowned putting my phone in my pocket and turned like she asked. My mouth dropped open. She was here? Y/N was here? Standing in the stage? This is not real? I'm dreaming right? "Uh Hey Camila" Y/N spoke and I could feel tears in my eyes cause this was real. She was here and I don't think I've ever been happier to see someone in my life. "Oh hey everyone else, didn't see you there" Y/N said making everyone laugh. "I think we're gonna sing now, Camila this is for you cause I love you" Y/N said. "Oh yeah this is our new song 'Fallin' for You'." Y/N added.

First Verse- Y/N

Every Pre-Chorus- Y/N

Every Chorus- Y/N

2nd Verse- Max

Bridge- Millie/Dan/Claire

Y/N looked at me throughout the entire song and I could feel tears fall down my face. At the end of the song Y/N took her guitar off handing it to their Security Guard Mike, and ran up to me. I hugged her so tight, still not believing she was actually here. When we pulled away from each other I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss. It felt like we were the only two people in the world. We pulled back when we needed air.

"I love you" I whispered against her lips.

"I Love you to" she replied and I pulled her back in to kiss me. Wen we pulled back this time reality hit me as I heard cheers from everyone.

"I wrote that song about you" Y/N said. We were sitting out side cuddles up to each other.

"I loved it" I replied. I was peaceful, perfect. I wanted to stay like this forever but of course Dinah ruined it.

"Come on guys they have an announcement to make" Dinah said before running back inside. I groaned sitting up.

"What could top the surprise I had an hour ago?" I said getting up.

"You'll be surprised" Y/N smirked, before I could reply she pulled me inside. We stood as Hope's tour manager, went on to the stage.

"Camila, the surprises just keep coming tonight, so the girls not only planned to bring Hope back to the US, mainly so Y/N could see you but they also have one more thing up their sleeve" Ben said. I frowned and turned to Lauren, Ally, Normani and Dinah. They all smiled at me. "I guess your actually the only one who doesn't know really" Ben continued. I looked at Y/N and she smirked again which was really hot.

"Stop smirking" I said. She laughed before we turned our attention back to Ben.

"Camila, would it be alright if Hope maybe opened on tour for you guys?" Ben asked. I didn't have to think about that one.

"YES" I screamed turned and kissing Y/N. I pulled back. "Your coming on your with us" I said happily.

"I know" Y/N replied.

"I love you so much" I said.

"I love you to" Y/N said "So damn freaking much I can't explain" Y/n added. I laughed as she pulled me in to kiss her.

Note- if you didn't already know that song is actually by R5 so go check it out if you haven't heard them. I thought it fitted the story so go listen it if you want!!

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