Chapter 17

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Well it's official. Well we never said it but we didn't had to. People started guessing and now everyone knows Camila and I aren't together. It was also confirmed by the fact that she was caught on a date with Austin who decided that he should come and surprise her. I remember the conversation we had that day. 'No hard feelings right?' Austin said to me. I remember him sticking his hand out but I ignored him. I'm still upset but I've worked on getting the lyrics and chords right so that's fine now..... Kinda. Camila and I haven't spoken since she asked me to go and talk to her and it's killing me every moment of everyday that I'm not with her but I guess the universe hates me. We had a day off today so I decided to just walk around and do some stuff. By myself. I walked around for a while till a group of girls approached me. "Oh my god your Y/N" one of them spoke. I laughed and nodded.

"I think so" I replied.

"Please don't be sad, we don't like when you are" one of the others said. There were three girls. One was dark blonde, one was light blonde and the other was a brunette.

"I'm working on it" I replied.

"You and Camila were my OTP, you still are" the brunette said.

"Thanks but I don't think that ship is sailing anytime soon" I replied looking down.

"I heard she's going out with Austin? Is that true?" I know they didn't mean to make me upset but talking about Camila does. I nodded. "You still like her don't you?" The dark blonde said.

"No I don't just like her, I am still in love with her, love isn't easy and I never expected it to be but everything felt right with her, she made me so happy but I guess she didn't like me the way I thought. You guys might want to start buying me cats now cause I'm probably going to become a cat lady" I said trying to lighten the mood. We took some pictures soon after and then we went on with the day. I had no idea where I was going but i decided to continue walking as I had nothing else to do. I bumped into a few more fans who I was more than willing to take pictures with until I found a little book shop. I just finished 'The Lord Of the Flies' which Max told me was good. It was good but it wasn't really my thing. I entered the little bookshop which was quiet and peaceful. I could only see a few people in there but some were probably hidden behind shelves. I walked along dragging my fingers over the spine of the books. Some looked good, some bad but I still hadn't found something I wanted to read. I scanned the books as I walked along until I fell into someone. "I'm so sorry" I said. I noticed the person had dropped their book. I picked it up but when I looked up I met a very familiar pair of brown eyes. "Uh h hi" I stuttered.

"Hi" Camila replied simply. I looked at the book she had in her hand.

"That's amazing" I said. She looked at me weirdly and I laughed. "The book I mean the book is amazing" I continued and she smiled.

"Yeah I uh know I've read it before but I lost my copy" Camila replied. "I bumped into some fans earlier, the met you before. They showed me this video of you speaking but-" Camila added.

"I know, I rather not hear you say it" I cut in.

"I still love you Y/N" Camila spoke.

"Just stop please don't say that" I whispered looking down. "Don't say that when your going out with Austin" I added.

"Y/N I'm so sorry he-" Camila said. I shook my head.

"Don't be sorry, I forgave you as soon as you noticed me" and that's when I decided. I can't let the best thing in my life go. I just can't.

"You didn't met me finish" Camila said.

"I don't have to let you finish cause I'm not giving up" I said. I looked up to Camila this time. "I am not letting the best thing in my life leave, I'm fighting for you and I will get you back one day I will, and if not at least I died trying" I said. I kissed Camila's cheek before walking out. This isn't the end. I'm not going to let it be the end.

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