Chapter 26

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Mani's P.O.V.

"Ma?" I hear Aiden say from the refrigerator. I'm just looking through the mail at the table and he's making something to eat, as always.

"Hm?" I respond.

"Where's the whipped cream?" He asks.

"No idea." I lie. I know exactly where it is.

"Don't lie." I hear Lauren say as she walks in to the kitchen.

"It's in our room." Aiden turns his face up, around the spoon in his mouth, at Lauren.

"Nevermind." He grabs his bowel of ice cream and Lauren laughs as he leaves.

"Why do you always mess with him?" I ask.

"I was being honest and he's the one who thought we used it when we had sex." She says as she walks towards me.

"That's your fault too." Lauren shrugs and kisses my head.

"What are you doing?" She asks.

"Just looking through the mail." I say then Sierra and Jordan walk into the kitchen. Jordan has Leo on his leash.

"Going for a walk?" I ask Jordan and he nods.

"Wanna come?" He asks me.

"I'll have to pass on that."

"Come on Mani, I want to talk to you about something anyway."

"And what is that?" I ask Lauren.

"I'll tell you as we walk." Lauren says then walks outside with Sierra and Jordan following behind her. I roll my eyes but get up and put on my jacket and shoes before walking outside. I catch up with them quickly since they're only a few houses down. Jordan and Sierra are ahead of Lauren talking about something.

"What are we talking about?" I ask as I walk beside Lauren and stuff my hands inside my jacket pockets.

"I had an idea but I'm not sure it'll work."

"Idea about?"

"Since Camila is back in the picture, I was thinking we could try the adoption thing because we don't have to search for her." Lauren says.

"You think Camila is going to give up her parental rights when she just got back in Aiden's life?" I ask and Lauren shrugs.

"I said I wasn't sure if it would work, but then again, why not? She'll always have that biological title."

"Yeah but she'll have no right to him."

"Has she really in the last 12 years? She still doesn't have any say in raising him. She's just establishing a relationship." Lauren says but I don't comment.

"Plus, what if I die or something. You have Jordan and Sierra but Aiden might have to go with her. I don't want that." She adds.

"Okay, I doubt you're going to die any time soon and Aiden will be an adult in two years. It might just be too late."

"It's not. I thought this was something you wanted to do?" Lauren says as she stops walking. I stop too and face her.

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