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Colorblind by _inconsistency
Colorblindby Kayla
"It's not that love is colorblind, it just knows how to mix and match."
My Bestfriend's Girlfriend (Laurmani/Camren) by http_dinah
My Bestfriend's Girlfriend ( Chy
What do you do when you fall for a girl, but she belongs to someone else? Laurmani • Caminah Thriller and Romance
Laurmani One Shots by Laurmani_is_bae
Laurmani One Shotsby PrincessOfDaSouth⚡️
It One-Shots of my FAVORITE Couple Laurmani💜
Player [DISCONTINUED] by laurmanisghost
Player [DISCONTINUED]by gone.
Normani has it all. Rich, powerful, head cheerleader (and bitch) - she gets everything she wants. She's got tons of girls (and guys) flocking at her side for her attent...
Abandoned (FifthHarmony Kidfic) by DarkkMindds
Abandoned (FifthHarmony Kidfic)by DarkkMindds
I squint my eyes trying my best to see, I make out to little bodies are those kids? "Babe I think they are two little girls" I say in shock. Ally looks at me...
When Petals Turn In To Roses • Laurmani by OhSnapLaurinah
When Petals Turn In To Roses • OhSnapLaurinah
Lauren's life has never been easy. Growing up with an alcoholic mother and a drug addict as a step father she had to learn how to be tough, even though it got hard at ti...
Laurmani G!P Smut by slut4smut
Laurmani G!P Smutby good girl 💕
Laurmani G!P Smut book. All converted one-shots.
Through Thick And Thin by Laurmanisbae
Through Thick And Thinby Laurmanisbae
Lauren the captain of the basketball team is head over hills for normani the captain of the dance team as problems arise throughout their relationship and tests it laure...
 Time Bomb~ LMJ by laurmani_otp
Time Bomb~ LMJby laurmani_otp
Normani realized she was holding Lauren's entire broken heart in my hands and she was going to make it her job to put it back together before the time was up *Cover made...
NOT ROMANTIC (Laurmani)  (Lauren X Normani) by LaurmaniQueen
NOT ROMANTIC (Laurmani) (Lauren LaurmaniQueen
Lauren decides the girls need an adventurous day out and plans a camping trip out in the wild... Camila says she'll be able to make it only 3 days prior the ending of th...
❝𝘾𝙀𝙇𝙀𝘽𝙍𝙄𝙏𝙔 𝙊𝙉𝙀𝙎𝙃𝙊𝙏𝙎❞ by fiftyshadesofbey
Just a bunch of gay shots with your fav female celebs...
Confessions (Laurmani Oneshot) by ManisSkybunni
Confessions (Laurmani Oneshot)by ManisSkybunni
fuck ill change this after but like, fluffy laurmani, lauren tells mani she has a crush on her, idk ill figure it out
Daddy Mani | 2 Hiatus (2020) by GiftofOneLiners
Daddy Mani | 2 Hiatus (2020)by GiftofOneLiners
Somehow Lauren got another kid out of Normani, and this time she knew about it..beforehand. Here's ten + more chapters of dysfunction and happiness. Daddy Mani | 2 Marcó...
FATED | camren by kordelicious
FATED | camrenby kordelicious
Camila and Lauren grow up together and fall in love a best friends to lovers au
My Best Friend's Girlfriend (Camren) by karlamichele
My Best Friend's Girlfriend ( Slampire
Camila Cabello is 16 years old girl, who's boyfriend just died on an airplane crash in the middle of the sea. She was left alone depressed, but before her boyfriend left...
Summer (Dinally Fic) by HansensCheetos
Summer (Dinally Fic)by LowkeyG
Ally becomes a lifegaurd in her new hometown, and starts to have an interest in a certain blonde. G!P Dinah
Fifth Harmony Imagines by trinny00
Fifth Harmony Imaginesby trinny00
Fifth harmony imagines for all the girls and ships
Smut (Laurmani/Norminah) by JustNorminahh
Smut (Laurmani/Norminah)by NorminahStan
Just a collection of Norminah & Laurmani smut. * * It's my first shot at it so it might be bad.
A chat // Lauren/You by breezysprincessss
A chat // Lauren/Youby Coffee and Pistols?
When you enter a meet and greet dragged by your harmoniser friend, not realising that moment was going to change your life. At the time you had no clue as to what exact...
Assigned Partners by simplyharmonizing
Assigned Partnersby Megan
Trigger Warning: Mentions of suicide, self harm. The Jauregui family uprooted their life in Miami to move to LA, following the unsuccessful suicide attempt committed...