Chapter 22

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Lauren's P.O.V

School is getting ready to start again and the kids are definitely dreading it. Since Aiden's birthday, he's been more quiet than before and he seems sad. I've tried to raise his spirits but nothing helps. I got him to get his license though but since then he may have driven his car once. He still won't talk to Mani or I so I asked Dinah to talk to him today. I sigh to myself then feel a pair of arms wrap around my neck.

"What's wrong?" Normani says from behind me. I'm sitting on the edge of the bed and her front is pressed against my back. She put her thighs over mine and lays her head on my shoulder. I put my hands on her thighs and sigh contentedly as she runs her fingers through my hair, her nails gently scraping my scalp. That's really relaxing.

"What's right?" I say and Normani sighs.

"Why are you rushing this? Once we give him his time, he'll be fine. This isn't anything you can just handle in a day." She says and I roll my eyes.

"I know that I just...I just want my son back. Is that so hard to ask?"

"No but it takes time Lauren." She says and I roll my eyes while she twirls a strand of my hair between her fingers.

"I know but I'm impatient."

"You don't have to tell me, I know but this really isn't something you can rush babe." I sigh and nod my head. I know she's right. She always fucking is.

"Why don't I take your mind off things?" She whispers. Her breath hitting the shell off my earlobe sends chills down my spine. I love that Normani can still turn me on so easily after all these years. She kisses my neck, below my earlobe and wraps her arms around my midsection.

"How do you plan to do that?" I ask and she slowly drags her teeth against my neck eliciting a groan from me. Fuck, she is the best distraction.

"You'll see." She says softly then kisses my neck softly. Her hands travel from my midsection to my inner thighs, where she softly rubs them through my sweatpants. Oh she feels like...

"Fuck." I moan as she palms my shaft through the material. It's too thick, I need to feel her.

"Mmm did I get you this hard baby?" Normani husks in my ear as she slides her hand down my pants and boxers. She brushes her fingertips along the length of my shaft and I moan softly and nod my head.

"Fuck yeah." Normani sucks my neck and grips the base of my shaft firmly. I moan and tilt my head to the side to give her more access. She moves her hand slowly up my shaft and back down.

"Shit Mani." I bite my lip and suppress a louder moan when her thumb swipes over the head of my penis. She pumps her hand faster and slides her other hand, that was resting on my hip, up the front of my shirt and up my stomach until she reaches my breast. She massages it through my bra and pumps her hand faster while twisting her wrist.

"Oh fuck." I moan and rock my hips. My breath is quickening and I feel my orgasm quickly approaching. Normani pulls my bra down to release my breast and cups it in her hand. She circles her finger over my nipple and I toss my head back in pleasure.

"Fuck." Normani kisses my lips as she grips my shaft tighter and pumps faster. I moan into our kiss and with a few more pumps I finally orgasm. After coming down from my high I rest in Normani's arms.

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