Chapter 4

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Camila's point of view

Wow. I actually slept good today. I felt refreshed and relaxed. And Y/N was here with me which made it better. I was mad at her for starting an argument with Shawn but I just decided to forget about it.

"Camz? Get up" I heard one of the voices I love say. I sat up and stared at her with a smile. "Why so smiley?"

"Because your here, I have to get dressed" I said before getting up and walking to my closet.

I want to wear something nice today and not look like any other girl.
(Her outfit)

After I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair I went downstairs to were Y/N was at sat Down next to her

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After I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair I went downstairs to were Y/N was at sat Down next to her.

"Thank you" I said and she looked at me with a blank expression. "For what?" She asked. "For spending the night with me, I appreciate it" I said giving her a kiss on her cheek before getting up.

Y/Ns point of view

Wtf!! She kissed me, I don't care if it was on the cheek. Wooo just chill chill.

"Let's get to school before we are late" Camila said and she grabbed my hand and led me to my car.

We got in and I drove us to school. I was in a good mood until I see Shawn Mendes literally waiting for Camila to get here.

I got out and locked my car. I seen her run to Shawn and give him a hug. I didn't want to see anything so I walked inside and went to my locker.

"Hey sis, what's up" Lauren said as she patted my back and I huffed.

"Hey, I just got here"

"Where's you girlfriend?" She asked with a smirk and I rolled my eyes.

"She's not my girlfriend, and she's outside with Improper Fraction" (improper fraction= shawn😂) I said and she laughed loudly.

"Well how was last night?" She asked and I stared at her.

"Well when you left it was fine until she decided to call Shawn over. Me and him got into an argument and she told him to leave. She was mad at me for a while and then she told me to hold her while we were in bed" I said and she gave me that 'wow face'.

"Well you can handle that, I have to go" she said before leaving and I closed my locker. I started walking to my class but stopped when someone called met name. I turned around to see Camila running towards me.

"Guess What guess what Guess What!!!" She screamed and I smiled. "Shawn asked me on a date!!" She said jumping up and down and I had a straight face.

I'm not saving you.

"Wow cool" I said with a fake smile.

He can do whatever he wants with you. I'm already tired of this.

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