Chapter 3

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Camila's point of view

"Please stay?" I asked her and she just looked at me with a thinking face.

"One of us has to go home and I know lauren won't go, I'm sorry" she said pulling away but I grabbed her hand again.

"Talk to her? I want you to stay, we could watch movies all night?" I asked again and she took a deep breath.

"I'll go talk to lauren, just give me a sec" she said and I squealed. She walked outside and I just watched her from the window.

Y/Ns point of view

"Wait she really want you to stay? Like the night?" Lauren asked me and I nodded. I looked at Camila from outside, she just stared at me with a smile.

"Ok ok I'll go, you owe me though" she said before grabbing her stuff and I thanked her. Her and Dinah left together and she said she would bring me back clothes.

"Yay sleepover!!" Camil yelled as she grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs. "Ouu we should make pop corn!"

Or we could make out? It's up to you.

"Let's invite Shawn over!! Yeah I'll call him now" she said as she reached for her phone and dialed his number.

Jesus, why couldn't we just have alone time, I mean you told me to stay so that we could watch movies and shit. I took a deep breath and just sat on her bed. I looked around but stopped when I seen something blue from her walk in closet.

"Ok he's on his way, are you ok?"

"Yeah, whats that blue thing hanging out of your closet?" I asked and she walked In.

"It's a dress, I seen it at the mall so I got it...but can you tell me how I look? I want and honest opinion" she said and I nodded. She went all the way in the closet and put the dress on. When she came out my jaw fucking dropped.

(Dress below)

"What do you think?" She asked and I couldn't even get the words out

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"What do you think?" She asked and I couldn't even get the words out. "Yeah I know, I'm sorry. I thought it would look good on me but- you look gorgeous!" I cut her off.

"You think?" She asked with red cheeks and I smiled.

"I wouldn't lie to you camz" I said and she smiled.

"Damn Camila, that dress is fire" we heard someone say and we seen Shawn. Always here to fuck up my mood.

"Thanks Shawn, I'll be back, I'm gonna change" was all she said before walking back in her closet.

"Mmm she's so fine, I need to get some of that" Shawn whispered but he said it loud enough for me to hear. I clenched my jaw and didn't even say anything.

"Why are you here?" He asked and I huffed before Answering his question.

"She asked me to stay the night with her because she was lonely" I said and Shawn rolled his eyes.

"We all know what your really here for Y/N. You want a piece of her too. Your just talking to her so you can fuck her" he said and I growled. I can't fucking believe him.

"Actually I'm not, I'm not like you! I want to be her friend because I'm actually interested in her. You wouldn't know what interest is because all you want is a quick fuck! So fucking desperate!" I yelled and Camila came out and stood between both of us.

"Fuck off Y/N!" Shawn yelled and I went to charge at him but Camila put her hand on my chest stopping me.

"Um Shawn maybe you should leave?" Camila said and I sat back down on her bed. I want to go home.

"Mm ok, I apologize for that. I'll go" he said giving me a look before leaving.

Camila turned the lights off before sitting on the bed with me. Except she was very distant. Like she didn't want to be near me.

"I-I'm sorry" I said but she didn't answer. I grabbed my jacket and put it on before leaving the room. I went to her backyard and laid in the grass looking at the stars.

How they hell do I manage to mess everything up?!

"Y/N?" I heard a soft voice call my name and I looked at the backyard screen door. "Lauren dropped you clothes off"

"Ok" was all I said before I looked back at the stars. She should've just never invited him.

"Can you come sleep with me? I-I don't want to be alone tonight" she said looking at the ground and I took a deep breath before getting up and walking back inside. I took off my jacket before following her upstairs to her room.

"Can I take a shower?" I asked pointing at the bathroom in her room and she nodded.

-skip boring ass shower-

Camila was now in the shower and I was putting my clothes on because I had just got out. I put in some grey sweatpants and a all white shirt.

After about 10 minutes Camila came out in only a towel. "Can you turn I can get dressed?" She asked and I nodded and turned around.

A couple seconds later I felt a small hand slid over my shoulder. I turned around and Camila smiled before getting in bed. It was quit and dark and awkward. We knew that that we were both up and it was weird. I heard Camila yawn and turn to her side.

"Can you Umm maybe...hold me?" She suddenly asked and my heart drop. Did she asked me to hold her?! "Please?"

"Yeah sure" I said and I turned to her and wrapped my arms around her. She snuggled into my arm and I relaxed. "Isn't this kinda weird?"

"What?" She asked and I chuckled. "This!? We just met each other a couple hours ago and now we are sleeping in the same bed" I said and I heard her giggle.

"Yeah it is, but I trust you. So it doesn't matter to me" she said and I smiled. "Why are you so hard to figure out?"

"I'm not"

"Yes you are. One second you'll be completely honest and outgoing and the next you'll be quit and just not express yourself" she said and I thought about it. "So what's the reason?"

"I don't know, I'm bipolar, antisocial? I just don't like some things, so I chose to act a different way when I'm around something or someone I don't like" I explained and she stood quiet.

"Is that too much for you Camila? Is that too complicated?" I asked and I felt her shake her head 'no'.

"It's perfect to me" she said and I closed my eyes.

"There's no such thing as perfect Camila... now goodnight" was all I said before closing my eyes and dozing off.

————————————————————*Ariana Grande voice*

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