Chapter 16

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Y/Ns point of view

We all sat around the lunch table together and ate lunch. I watched as Camila kept looking behind her like someone was coming for her.

"What's wrong? You've been acting strange" I said and I placed my hand on her back making her jump.

"Something's off. I've been getting a this strange feeling" she said and I raised an eyebrow. "When I got home my window was open. Nobody was home! Then when I went to close it I seen someone in front of my house staring at me from the window"

"Damn c. You should tell that cops" Normani said and I nodded. "That's hella creepy"

"I'll stay with you tonight ok?" I assured her and I seen her look at the Madison girl, who was already looking at her, before putting her head on my shoulder.

"So guys! I'm having a party tonight. Obviously Camila and Y/N can't come but I want you guys to be there" Dinah said and Normani and ally nodded.

"Y/N can I-No" I cut her off and she pouted.

"You not going to the party Camila. Your staying with me tonight, I ain't risking shit" I gripped her waist and pulled her closer. I looked over my shoulder to see Madison still staring at us before getting up and walking towards us.

"She's coming" I whispered and everyone went silent.

"Hey Guys. Hi Y/N" she slid her hand over my shoulder before plopping down next to Dinah.

I was never a person to have hate for someone. Yes maybe I disliked some people but I've never had hate for someone. That was until now. I officially hate this psycho girl, Madison beer.

"Hii Madison" Dinah said nervously. She finally catching on to how weird she is.

"Guess what!" She lowered her tone and moved her face to the middle of the table. "I fucked one of the teachers"

All of our jaws dropped and our eyes went wide. She really is fucking crazy!

"Come again!" Ally said out of breath.

"Mr. Gallagher! He's such a hunk, we had sex yesterday"

"You know he could get arrested for that right!" I told her and she shrugged her shoulders.

"Man, now I'm not gonna be able to go to class without thinking about him fucking students" Normani gagged and ran to the bathroom.

"Listen Mads. That is disgusting, I'm sorry but your crazy. Like really crazy, I don't think it's healthy for us to be around you" Dinah tried to get up but Madison pushed her making me rush out of my seat and run to her.

"Calm down. Don't do this"

She cried so hard her face was getting red. She looked like she was ready to kill somebody.

"WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME Y/N!" She yelled and I raised my eyebrows.

"Um because I don't! I don't ever know who you are! And from what I heard and seen, your crazy!" I yelled back at her and I seen her smirk with tears in her eyes.

"Watch! I'll show you! Tonight! Just watch!" She yelled before running off. I helped Dinah get up before going to Camila who was shaking.

"Babe calm down" I whispered in her ear as she sobbed I'm my chest. "It's alright. I won't let anything happen to you"


-at Camila's house-

"I'm scared Y/N!" Camila yelled. I was literally in the bathroom taking a piss while she was screaming about how she's gonna die.

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