Chapter 15

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Y/N point of view

"Dammit Y/N!" I heard behind me as I ran down the hall. Me and Dinah were late to class. "Slow down!"

"Ain't no slow down! We gotta go!" I yelled. Once me and Dinah got to the room we walked in and put our hands on our knees. "Damn I cant breath"

"Cause you wanna be sprinting to class and shit!" Dinah shoved me and we sat down.

"Ok class we have a new student. Her name is Madison beer-please don't be rude. Welcome the young lady" our teacher said. The girl sat in the seat next to me and her and Dinah started talking.

I caught her looking at me a couple times but I didn't think anything of it. I mean yeah she's really pretty but she isn't Camila. She was the only one I was interested in.

-lunch- Me and Camila walked hand in hand to my car

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Me and Camila walked hand in hand to my car. This time we were gonna have lunch out of school and Lauren was with us too. Once we got to the restaurant we sat down with the girls since they were already besides Dinah.

"Hey guys" Camila said as she dragged me to the table and we sat down.

"Hey girl, sup twins. Where's Dinah?" Mani asked looking at Ally but she just shrugged.

"I'm here. Guys meet Madison, Madison meet Mani, Ally, Camila, and the twins Lauren and Y/N" she introduced us.

"Oh go you guys eyes are so beautiful" Madison said as she pointed at me and Lauren.

"Thanks" me and Lauren said at the same time making me and her frown at each other. she stuck our tongues out at each other and frowned again because we kept doing the same thing.

"Haha you guys are so cute" she said with a wink but I didn't know if it was for Lauren or me but I shook it off.

"I think she likes you" Camila mumbled as she stared at Madison.

"Then let her like me. You know I only have eyes for you" I kissed her lips while looking straight into Madison's eyes. Telling her I'm taken and that she shouldn't try anything.

"So Madison, you seen any cute boys or girls around here? Let me tell you something....there are a lot!" Ally asked Madison and she looked at me quickly and smirked before looking back at Ally.

"Well I have my eye on one girl I just seen today. She's really...something" she but her lip and looked at me.

"Sorry, I'm taken but my sister right here isn't" I said as I pointed at Lauren who shot her head toward me wit. Her eyebrows furrowed.

"We go to 2 different schools stupid, how do you know I'm single? I mean I am, and I'm down for you but don't just assume things" Lauren said.

"It's fine. I'll wait for who I want. She's worth it. I know" she smirked at me and I raised my eyebrows and looked at Camila who looked equally as confused.

"How do you know she's worth it. Didn't you like just meet her?" Dinah asked while Normani looked at Madison like she was crazy. Which she probably was.

"I just know she is. Her eyes tell me everything"

"I think she's crazy" I whispered into Camila's ear and she nodded. "Stay away from her. You never know what she's capable of"

We ordered our food and talked for a while before we had to go back to school and go to class. The rest of my classes went by fast and now I'm sitting on my car waiting for Camila to come out.

"Hey beautiful" I hopped off my car and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Hey. Have you seen that Madison girl?" She asked and I shook my head. Why would she be asking? "Me neither, it's like she totally disappeared. I asked the girls and they said they haven't seen her since lunch either"

"So? Why are you so worried about her anyway?" I asked and she looked around the parking lot.

"Because that girl she gives me weird vibes. Like she gonna try to kill me or get rid of me just to get to you. She's seems crazy like that"

"You know that will never happen. Stop with these crazy thoughts. Let's go" i told her but she didn't move.

"Y/N look!" She whisper yelled as she pointed with her head. It was Madison walking out if the school and to her car. She kept looking back before she got in her white mustang and sped off.


"Jesus something is up. She's so suspicious and she gives me crazy vibes, like she left her old town because she did something crazy. I don't know but it's creepy and I don't like the feeling she gives my stomach when I'm around her"

"Stop with the movie scenarios. Everything is fine just stop worrying about it baby" I kissed her forehead before dragging her to my car.

-Camila's point of view-

I was at home reading a book on my bed. Y/N couldn't come over today since she was having some family issues. A cold breeze hit my body making me shiver instantly.

I looked to my side to see my window open. I never open that window so why was it suddenly open? I got up slowly and walked to the window, I moved the curtains and looked outside. Nothing but darkness and the moon and that little shadow in the corner.

"WHAT?" I yelled and when I looked back at the spot where I seen the shadow it wasn't their. I quickly closed the window and locked it before doing the same to my room door. I checked my bathroom and my walk in closet before sitting back in bed.

I took a deep breath but was scared again when my phone rang. I felt a little relieved when I noticed it was just Y/N calling.


"Hey baby. What's wrong?"

"I um" I looked out the window but seen nothing. "Nothing just scared myself by accident and now I'm having a mini anxiety attack"

"Are you ok? Do you need me to come over?"

Yes yes people come over.

"No I'm fine. I'm going to bed anyway. Goodnight"


"Goodnight" she hung up and I hid under my sheets.

What in the fucking world is going on!?

————————————————————omg idk why this took forever. Like I be waiting so long. It's gotten so bad I literally had to put "plan B" on hiatus cuz like.....I couldn't ducking breath😂but I'm cool now. No proof reading done as usual. Enjoy

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