Chapter 12

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Camila's point of view

Even though it wasn't Y/Ns I idea to take me out to a carnival tonight, I still had fun. She's is really a sweet person and it's adorable when she laughs and smiles.

Since my parents are like never home here I am again in Y/Ns bed, in her boxers, waiting for her to finish brushing her teeth.

"You take forever!!" I groaned when she walked into the room shutting the door.

"Well I want my teeth to shine" she said giving me a fake smile that made my heart warm up even though it was fake.

"You say that but you never smile. Are you ever happy?"

"Yeah, a lot actually. I just don't show it" she answered.

She turned in her PlayStation and grabbed the remote before sitting at the edge of the bed and looking for a game to play.

"Are you a Virgin?" I accidentally blurted out. I had been wondering this for a while but I never had the balls to ask her. I never knew how she was gonna react and that's what mostly scared me.

"Well wouldn't you like to you" She said with her eyes glued to her game. "I am.....not"


"What the fuck?" She stared at me with a weird smile on her face. "Your asking me why I'm not a virgin?"

"No I- fuck. Never mind" I laughed at myself before laying back down. I stared at Y/Ns fingers as swiveled the joystick gently.

Damn I'm a weirdo.

"Why are you being so gentle with the controller? Don't you gamers usually throw a fit and shit?" I asked and she let out a little laugh.

"I don't know. Maybe I'm just a gentle person. Am I a gentle person camz?" She asked staring right into my eyes. Her eyes were dark and her pupils dilated.

"I don't know" I said softly still not breaking eye contact.

"I am. I can be gentle when I want"

"Show me how gently you can be. Use me" I said and I took a shaky deep breath. we stared at each other for a few more seconds before she turned her head back to the tv.

"I won't be gentle with you" she said. "I wouldn't want to be. And plus, you give me vibes"

"What kind of vibes?"

"Not so "gentle" vibes. You don't want to be touched "Gently". Hearing her say that made me shiver. Mostly because she was right. I didn't want her to be gentle with me. I wanted her to literally own me. And those were the vibes I was getting off of her.

"Maybe" I shrugged my shoulders even though she was still paying attention to her game. "Maybe I really don't want to be touched gently"

"We'll find out what you want and what you like... soon" she whispered the last part.

I'm pretty sure if someone else heard her say that, they would think that she was a rapist or something. But for me? That was a total turn on for my virgin self. I was getting all hot and bothered. She did that to me a lot and half the time she didn't even know it.

"Let's go to sleep. We have school tomorrow" Y/N said as she turned everything off and climbed into bed. I turned to my sides and smiled when I felt her big hands on my waist.

-next morning-
Y/Ns point of view.

I got up with a yawn just to see Camila still asleep. I always woke up a little earlier because I take forever to get ready.

I brushed my teeth, and did my hair before picking out my outfit. I laid it out and looked at the time.

Time to wake up sleeping beauty.

"Get up!!" I yelled loudly and she jumped up. I laughed and she looked at me annoyed.

"Why would you do that stupid" she got up and playfully pushed me before walking to the bathroom to do what she had to do while I put my clothes on.

(Your and Camila's outfit)

"I can see your bra" I told her as I slipped in my other sneaker

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"I can see your bra" I told her as I slipped in my other sneaker.

"Yeah, I know. Just let me and my bra be!" She said and I laughed.

"Fine but you can't be mad if I beat someone's ass for looking at you" I said grabbing my book bag and walking to my car with her following.

"That's fine"

The drive to school was funny. It was mostly filled with Camila begging for the aux cord and then getting way to excited when I gave it to her. She's adorable and I really can't lie.

"Look at my favorite couple!!" I heard Dinah yell as I stepped out of my car. "Y'all soo cuteeeee!"

"We aren't together Dinah" Camila said looking down with a smile. I like when she smiles.

"Not yet at least" I grab her hand and we walk inside together.

"Hey y'all!" Normani said as she walked up with Ally. "Where's Lauren?"

"She goes to a different school now. She's a weirdo" I said as Camila clung into me.

All the girls went to their lockers and I dragged Camila to mine since she didn't want to let go of me.

"I can't stop thinking about it" She suddenly said and I looked at her confused.

"About what?"

"What you said last night. How you know I don't like it gentle. Y/N you do things to me. You know that?"

"Well now I do" I said grabbing my books before closing my locker. "Can I take you out for a second date? And this time it will be for real. All fancy and shit" I asked her and she just glows up.

"I would like that Y/N. Thank you" she said. She opened her mouth to say something else but she was cut off when Shawn and his crackhead crew called my name.

"Yo Jauregui. Don't you listen? Stay away from my girl!" Shawn yelled as he walked towards me.

"Jesus Shawn, Let it go!" Camila yelled. Well shit that was surprising. "I don't like you. I don't want you. I'm not interested in you, and I know for a fact your not interested in me. You just wanna see if you can get into my pants"

"Baby I promise-ahh! I wasn't finished" Camila put her index finger up to stop him from talking before continuing. "You need to stop. And don't call me baby. The only person who can call me that is- you know that's none of your business" she finished before grabbing my hand and dragging me to first period.

"Your badass"

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