Chapter 7

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Camila's point of view

"Turned on?" She asked looking at me and I nodded slowly. "Hmm"

"I'm sorry, just forget about it" I said putting my plate on the sink and walking to her room.

I'm fucking dumb. She wasn't gonna help me. Instead I know she was gonna tell me not to rush anything even though she kissed me before she even had the chance to ask me on a date. And yes I've touched her but I wanted more.

I laid in her bed and just started thinking about everything. Some things didn't even have anything to do with her. I sighed and just waited for her.

"You shouldn't rush things" she said and I heard the door close behind her.

"Mmhm" I just hummed at her. Not really wanting to say anything.

"You can't be mad at me forever"

"I'm not mad at you"

"Well I'm sorry. I don't like rushing things"

"Well if you won't help me then I'll just help myself" I said and got up. I went to the bathroom and locked the door.

I wasn't gonna actually do anything. I wasn't even turned on anymore. I just sat in the floor and looked at the ceiling.

"Camila. Open the door. Let's go to bed" she said and I smirked. I've got a plan ahah.

"Ahh fuck" I fake moan. I put my hand over my mouth to keep myself from laughing.

"Camila stop that. Just come to bed" she says knocking softly on the door. I hate that I'm doing this to her but it's kinda funny.

"Mmmm" I make another before covering my mouth again. I wanted to laugh so bad right now.

Y/Ns point of view

"Mmmm" I hear her again. What the hell!? Why the hell is she doing this.

"Camila!" I said knocking a little harder. Her moans were soft and sexy but they also sounded forced. I kept wondering if she was playing with me or if this was really happening. She didn't fail at making me hard though.

"Mmfuck Y/N just go away" she said and I rubbed my eyes before going to my room. I grabbed the key to the bathroom and walked back. "Holy shit" I heard.

I put the key in the hole (😂😂😂) and wiggled it until it unlocked and I opened. I walked in to see Camila sitting in the sink laughing her ass off.

"Because that was funny huh?" I said and she nodded still laughing. "And to think I was actually gonna help you" I said and just walked to my room.

Camila's point of view

She was gonna help me? Fuck.

I ran out the bathroom and to her room to see her on her bed watching tv. I looked at her but she didn't seem to be in a sour mood.

That's another thing about her. Her facial expression is always the same. How do I know if she's mad or not. I could say that I would find out by the tone of her voice but her voice is always soft and relaxing. That's why I said she's hard to figure out. How do I know what she's feeling.

"You were actually gonna help me?" I said grabbing her attention and she sat up.

"Yeah I was. But now I want nothing more than to just sleep" she said laying back down.

"Are you mad at me?" I asked and I got no answer. So I try again. "Y/N?"

"No I'm not mad at you camz, just a little upset" she said. "Why do you think I'm always mad?"

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