Chapter 1

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(^so the name was supposed to be "because it blows" but the words got cut off so now it's "cause it blows"😂)

Camila's point of view

"Mila get the hell up we have to go!" My best friend yelled at me as I laid it bed.


"Why don't you want to go to school!?" Dinah asked and I huffed.

"Cause it blows!"

"Dinah!! I don't want to. Everyone is gonna think I'm a weird nerd and they are just gonna make fun of me! Theirs no point" I said and it got quite for a second before I felt Dinah grab my ankles and drag me out of bed.

"Get dressed now or I'll tell your mom that you...... did something bad!" Dinah threatened and I laughed as I walked to my closet.

"Something bad? I'm a good child Dinah Jane!" I said as I grabbed a black hoodie and a pair of jeans and put them on.

"Yeah Whatever But those jeans make your butt look good" she said and I smiled as I walked to my bathroom and brushed my teeth. I fixed my hair a little and said goodbye to my parents and my sister before getting in Dinah's car.

"Dinah! Who the hell gave you your license!?" I yelled as she sped down the road. We finally reached the school and I huffed. "I don't wanna go"

"Karla! Just calm down, what if you meet some hotties or something?" Dinah tried to cheer me up but it didn't work.

"Yeah that will never happen but let's go!" I said as I grabbed her hand and walked inside with her. I kinda hid behind Dinah while everyone in the hallway stared at me.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" I whispered in Dinah's ear and she shrugged.

Dinah took me to the office to get my schedule before showing me where my locker was. She showed me where all my classes were before she went off. I walked to my first class and everyone stared at me before I sat down on the back by myself.

"Ok class I'm miss brown. Yeah I know that's like every teachers name right" she said and everyone laughed. "But anyway I'm your math teacher, we will get straight to work so open up to page 3 in you math textbook. Do numbers 1-28 and bring your papers up when your finished. You have and hour and thirty minutes!"

I opened up my book but before I got to work I scanned the room. My eyes landed on this beautiful Green eyed girl. ((Just say you have green eyes.... and btw you and Lauren are sisters!!))I couldn't stop staring at her until the door opened and 3 boys walked in.

"Shawn, Camron, and Austin! Your late, now take a seat!" Miss brown scolded them.

I continue where I left off in my math problems until the chair next to me got pulled out and one of the boys sat next to me.

Omg he's cute!

He had long curly hair and he was tall and muscular. Maybe a football player?

"Hi I'm Shawn Mendes" He said and I smiled and I shook his hand.

"I'm Karla but you can call me Camila" I said as I fixed my glasses and looked back at my notebook.

"Well Camila, you new here? Would you like me to show you around after school?" He asked with a smiled and I Bit my lip.

He's cute and sweet.

"Umm yeah sure that would be um cool I guess" I said and he smiled at me before I went back to work.

I finished all the problems and I got up to hand it to the teacher but on my way up I dropped my paper. I bent down to get it and I heard everyone behind me say either 'damn' or 'ouu'.

I picked the paper up with red cheeks and threw it in the teachers desk before I grabbed my book bag and ran out of the room and to my locker.

Oh my god Karla that was so embarrassing. But I-I mean this is good right? Hell no this isn't good, so many boys are gonna try to get in your pants!

"Camila!" I snapped out of my thought to see Shawn in front of me with a worried expression. "Are you ok? I know what happened in there was kinda embarrassing but it's fine I promise. Y/N is actually a good person"

"I don't even know who that is Shawn! I should've just waited until the end of class to hand it in" I said as I put my face in my hands.

"It's not your fault ok?" Shawn said and the bell rang. "Just get ready for your next class ok?" He said before he left.

-skip to lunch-

"Oh Jesus Camila! I heard what happened in first period. The boys are gonna be all up in your coochie!!" Dinah said and I cringed.

"Don't ever say that again Dinah" I said and she laughed as she pulled me to a table with 3 other girls.

"Camila that's Ally, Lauren and Normani. Guys this is Camila" she introduced me to three girls and I waved.

"Wow Lauren you eyes are amazing! I wish I had eyes like that!" I said and she laughed.

"Thanks but where is my sister at?" Lauren asked and I looked at her confused.

"Camila! Get out of her face! But where is Y/N?" Dinah asked and my heart dropped.

"I'm right here you sexy mother fuckers!" She said as she sat down next to Ally. She kinda ruined my first day but she's so beautiful. Her and Lauren are gonna kill me with those green eyes.

My day wasn't all that bad. Shawn is gonna give me a tour after school. He make me feel special and not weird.

"Y/N I'm guessing you already met Camila since you kinda embarrassed her in first period!" Dinah said and she laughed nervously.

"Oh yeah haha" she said while rubbing the back of her neck. She seems so innocent. I don't think she did it on purpose.

"Hey mila" I heard and I turned around to see Shawn with a big smile.

"Hi Shawn" I stood up and gave him a hug since I haven't seen his since first period.

"I hope the rest of your day went good, don't forgot about the tour after school" he said before walking away and I smiled and sat back down.

"Aww y'all cute" Normani said and I laughed.

Everyone was looking at me with a smirk except for Y/N who had a straight face the whole time. I started a conversation with the girls until the bell rang.

-after school-

"Hey you ready for that tour?" Shawn asked as I closed my locker and I smiled and nodded. "Ok then, let's go"

————————————————————omg I really hope u like this cuz I feel like is gonna be a good story just hang in there

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