Chapter 10

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Y/Ns point of view

I walked back inside and slammed the door shut. Locking it, I walked into the living room to see Camila sitting on the sofa biting her nails.

"Wha-what happened-"I cut her off when I connected our lips. I pulled her closer to me and squeezed her waist.

"You mine. Only....mine" I growled out and she smiled before nodding her head.

"Y/N" Camila called my name as I left wet kisses down her neck. "Tell me what happened"

"Nothing" kiss kiss "just him being an asshole" more fucking kisses.

"Tell me Y/N!"

"Same thing he did when we were at school. Just him being a pussy. Can I take you out tomorrow night?"

"Ugh Y/N your so charming" she playfully rolled her eyes and placed a peck in my lips.

"How about I take you out now?"

"Don't rush things. Just wait until tomorrow night" she dragged me upstairs and we went to sleep.

-i don't remember if I said there was school tomorrow but whatever-

"BITCH!! Let me tell you something!" Ever since I told dinah that I was taking Camila out she has been harassing me. "And if you break her heart you WILL get a poly beat down, got it?"

"I know Dinah, chill out"

"No BITCH! I've heard that way to many times and guess still happened" she threw her hands up in the air as we talked and walked to the cafeteria "Like Camila is really my baby, you gotta treat her right. And give her A LOT of attention because she's like little puppy—blah blah blah, dammit Dinah shut the fuck up.

"Girls shut up. Your obviously boring her with information that she already knows. You sound like our 4th period teacher" Normani said to Dinah and I just looked around the hallway. Sometimes I just drift away and don't really pay attention.

"Right Y/N" What hoe?

"Uh Y-Yeah Yes" I said not even looking them in the face.

"Bitch listen to me before I drag you by your lace front. Just treat her like you would treat Ally or Lauren" oof Lauren.

"I called Lauren a 2 dollar whore"

"W-Well d-don't do that" Dinah stuttered and I laughed. "Hey Mani, you believe in god?"

"Yes, do you?"

"If you want me too" she smirked and I stuck my tongue out in disgust.

"Jauregui!" Someone yelled my last name and I shot my head towards the noise. I seen Shawn and Austin mahone walking towards me aggressively.

"Stop! Wait a minute" Dinah and Normani said at the same time as the stood in front of me and put their hands out to stop the boys.

"If you touch her I will shove a Q-tip up you pee pee hole and dog walk you around the property. Then I'll shove a pencil up your nose and make sure it scratches your brain" Dinah said and I laughed to myself. She really just says anything.

"Move it sluts" Austin pushed the 2 girls out the way. Next thing you know they both aim for both his cheeks and bam! He got punched twice, by two girls,on both sides of his face.

"I told you not to come near her stupid" Shawn told Austin and picked him off the ground. They walked away and I just leaned against the lockers with a blank expression.

"Damn you don't even look like you won" I heard a voice and I looked to my side to see Camila smiling at me. I gave her a quick smile and raised my eyebrows. "At least I can get a little smile out of you. It's hard to get and expression out of you, you know that"

I grabbed her hand and intertwined our fingers. "At least I can get you to hold my hand" she said with a smile.

"You can get me to do a lot of things, besides smile" I said and she laughed as we walking into the cafeteria.

"Hello lovebirds" Ally said to ya as we sat at the table. "I haven't heard from you guys in a while"

"That's because they were to busy ducking their brains out"

Camila gasped and looked at Dinah in disbelief. "No we haven't. It hasn't even got to that"

"Y/Ns pull out game is horrible"

"Shut up Lauren-Wait lauren!?" I turned around quickly and stood up. I looked her in her eyes, green to green.

"I'm back" she spread her arms for a hug and I just scoffed. Her smile dropped and I turned around and sat back down.

"Go back" I said and I felt Camila put her hand on my thigh. "We don't want you"

"It's not about what you want Y/N, it's about what you need. You need me" she said and I got back up quickly and got in her face.

"I don't fucking need you, and you obviously didn't need us! You left lauren, you showed us that you didn't care"

"I know and I'm sorry" she cried. Fucking remorse. "I realized that I was wrong and that's why I came back. I need you guys and you need me. We need each other. I'm here to stay, I shouldn't have left"

"Ok ok just stop crying you 2 dollar whore" I said and we all have her a hug.

"It's good to have you back girl"

————————————————————I didn't proof read. Sorry🙃. Also sorry I made you wait so long for this.

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