Chapter 17

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Camila's point of view

"LET ME IN!" I cried. I was trying to go see Y/N in the back but the security guard grabbed me. "Please I'm her girlfriend you have let me in!"

"She's in surgery right now ma'am you can't go in! They are doing the best they can ok?" The big y'all guard told me.

"Please" I dropped to the floor. "I need to see her. I'm so in love with her I don't know what I'd do if she were gone"

"Camila! I got here as fast as I could" I heard Lauren's voice. I jumped in her and cried in her chest. "What happened"

"That obsessed little bitch Madison tried to kill her. Oh my god Lauren what am I gonna do!"

"Hey hey just calm down, look at me" I looked at her with tearful eyes. Her green eyes, just like Y/Ns, made me feel better. I felt like I was looking right at her. "Let's just sit and sleep it off"

I sat in her lap and literally cried myself into a deep sleep. I woke up about 3 hours later. Lauren was already up but she said she didn't want to wake me. I also noticed that the girls were there too.

"Can we go see her now?" I asked Lauren But was cut off when a doctor came up to us.

"She passed" she said and my heart dropped. "May Mandy Rest In Peace"

"Hold up hoe. Who the fuck is Mandy?" Dinah cut in and I looked at both of them confused.

"You guys aren't for Mandy?" He asked while looking for our clipboard and we all shook our heads. "Then who are you here for?"

"Y/N? Y/F/N Y/L/N?" I said and he looked at his clipboard again.

"Ah yes she's awake. Would you like to see- Yes!" I cut him off and jumped up. "Ok just follow me"

All of us followed the doctor to the back and stopped once we reached a room that had Y/Ns name on it. I took a deep breath before opening the door slowly.

She was laying there with a some tube under her nose while she slept. "I thought you said she was awake" I whispered to the doctor as we walked in.

"She must have fallen asleep again. She was just up 10 minutes ago cause she had to eat. I have to go" she said before leaving.

"Some doctor he is" Ally said and Normani nodded.

"Look at my poor baby" I put my hand on her cheek and rubbed my thumb lightly.

"There are rumors going around the school that Madison killed Y/N. I tried to shut down as much as I could be people just don't listen" Dinah shook her head as she looked at Y/N.

"Fucking answer!" Lauren yelled and we all looked at her. "My parents. They aren't picking up the phone. The probably wouldn't care anyway"

"Hey don't say that. Maybe they are just busy" mani rubbed Lauren's back.

"Yeah whatever" I focused on Y/N and let the girls talk. She is what's most important right now.

"Hey baby. Your all better I promise. I'm gonna be here for you the whole time and I'm gonna make sure your ok" I said and I seen her eyes start to flutter open.

"Shush bitches Y/Ns up!" Dinah yelled and I got quiet.

"I just love waking up to Dinah screaming. It should be like that every day" she said softly making us laugh. A little raspy since she just woke up.

"Ok ladies visiting hours are over!" A guard yelled as he stepped in the room.

"No please I just got here. I was waiting all day just to see her!" I said and he shook his head.

"If you aren't family you can't stay"

"She's my fiancé!"

"Your 17" the guard looked at me. How the fuck did he know that.

"And, what about it?" I crossed my arms. He took a deep breath before making an exception. " I'm sorry for throwing a fit but I couldn't leave you. I was waiting all day just to see you and they were not about to kick me out yet!"

"I don't really care. What's up with Madison? Is she in jail?" She asked slowly and I squeeze her hand.

"Yes they took her in. She got charged with a lot of crazy things. Ally told me. Everyone at school is also saying that Madison killed you" I said. She didn't say anything but instead she smiled at me. I opened my mouth so speak but I was cut off when the door opened.

"Oh my god my baby!" Her mom yelled as she rushed to her while her dad walked in slowly. He looked like he didn't care. As soon as he seen me her smirked and looked me up and down. No wonder no one likes him. Shit Y/N doesn't even like him.

"Why the heck weren't you answering your phone!" Y/N yelled at them and her mom looked remorseful whole her dad looked like he really could care less.

"We went out and I left my phone home. I'm sorry" her mom apologized while her dad kept looking at his watch. He's sad.

"Nothing?" I asked and he lifted his head to look at me. "Your not gonna day anything? You daughter just got stabbed and had surgery and probably could've died and you have nothing to say?" I scoffed and he rolled his eyes.

"Shush girl. You know nothing about being a father"

"And so do you. You really could care less. It's cool though. I never really liked you anyway" I left the room. I went outside just to get some fresh air. He really wasn't the father he is supposed to be.

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