''''''''''''''' ZAYN'S POV ''''''''''''''''''

We arrive at BOP magazines inc.

I turn of the ignition of my car and look at Ariana. She's taking off her seat belt.

She's so beauitufl. The way her velvet red cupcake hair just falls down her back, the way her eyelashes curl up over her gorgeous golden brown eyes, the way the corners of her perfect pink lips curl up it just perfect. Ariana is stunning. I want to make her mine, but don't know when. But it will be soon.

"Zayn you coming?" I was snapped out of my trance from a familiar gorgeous voice that's like singing in my ears. Ariana looks as me with amusement in her eyes waiting for me to answer.

"Uhh- um yeah. Let's go." I smile nervously.

I get out my side of the car and walk over to hers. While walking to the door our hands brush against each other a couple times. I finally get the courage to interlock my hands with hers. I can see from the corner of my eyes her blushing.

We walk into the doors together, fingers interlocked.

We are greeted at the front desk by a women that looked to be in her late thirties

"Hello Ariana! Michale has been expecting you! He's in block 12. Go ahead." She says smiling.

"Thanks Angela!" Ariana responds back with a gorgeous smile. I can't help but smile at how beautiful she looks. "Ariana, is this your boyfriend?" Angela asks "Ermm, no." Ariana blushes. "Don't worry, that will change." I responded with a cheeky grin. Ariana blushes once again. I have such an effect on her.

Angela laughs, we start walking towards block 12, which i'm geussing is where Ariana will have her photo shoot.

We enter the room to see a man with black short hair, skinny. About as tall as me measuring a model. He turns around to see Ariana and he smiles.

"Ariana! Long time no see gorgeous!" He yelps engulfing her in a giant hug breaking our enterlocking fingers apart. I sigh. My hand feels weird without her touch.

"Hi Mike! I've missed you! It's been a while." She says back chuckling while pulling apart.

"It has darling! So today's photo shoot is going to be your own article about what you see in a boy. But unfortunately our male model couldn't make it, he was supposed to be in the shoot with you." Mike said with a pout while looking down.

He looks up and his eyes meet mine. He taps hit chin with his finger and his eyes light up.

"You!" He screams. I look around confusing to see if there was someone behind me he could've been talking to. When I realize there is no one else around it comes to realization that hes talking to me.

"Do you think you could be in this shoot with Ms.Grande?" He asks eagerly.

I shrug. "Sure I geuss." I say confused.

"GREAT!" He screams jumping up. I was surprised. I forced a smile.

"Alright, Ariana go to dressing room B to get ready. Pauloa is there to help you." Ariana nods and trots off to the dressing room.

I play with my fingers, not really knowing what's going to happen.

"You sir, Zayn right?" He asks. I nod. "Come with me." He says walking in front of me. I obey and follow. We enter what seems to be another dressing room. He goes to a rack of male clothing and pulls out a white V neck, black leather jacket and dark blue jeans. He than picks out black converse. He hands them to me. "Go change in there." He points to a door. "Come out when you're done." I nod and go to the bathroom and change.

When done I fold my clothes and put them on the counter in the room I was changing.

I exit to find Michale fiddling with some makeup. He see's im out of the dressing room and nods excitingly.

"Come here and sit Mr.Malik." I walk over to the stool and sit.

"I'm just gonna add a few touch ups and than you'll be done."

He adds on some makeup than hands me non prescription nerd glasses. I put them on.

"PERFECT MY SON!" He screams. I'm getting tired of him screaming all the time.

"Come." He says rushing out the room to a white back drop.

Me jaw drops to see Ariana posing in front of the camera in mint colored sleeveless criffon top tucked into white shorts. She looked alittle taller in her matching strappy wedges. She looked flawless.

He hair was slightly curled and pulled to the side as it cascaded down her shoulders. She had light makeup but enough to make her look more beautiful. I couldn't believe I would be modeling with this gorgeous angel. (OUTFIT IN EXTERNAL THINK IN THE SIDE BAR)

When out eyes met she blushed a deep Burgundy red. I chuckled softly.

She extended her arm motioning me to grab it. I did. I interlocked her fingers and was now standing in front of her in front of the white backdrop.

"Ariana can I ask you something?" I said starting into her magnificent golden eyes.

"Sure what is it." She responded staring up to me smiling showing her pearly whites.

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" I asked honestly smiling.

She laughed loudly. "Nice pick up Zaynie." She said shoving me while once again blushing like there's no tomorrow. I laughed along.

"Alright Children! Ready to get started?" Michael asked. We both nodded.

"Alright lets see what we can do.... Oh Zayn go around behind Ariana and hug her. We'll take a few shots and well move on from there." He said sternly.

I noded and went behind Ariana. Wrapping my arms around her petite waist and pulling her towards my chest. She tensed up.

"Relax babe." I wispered in her ear. I swear If Im not mistaken I felt her shiver. She nodded and loosened up. She finally got comfortable.

"Okay darling's not smile!"

We both smiled big and bright. We heard the camera snap a few times.

"Okay Zayn, I'm sure you're used to photo shoot, do what you feel fits you, if Ariana was your girlfriend." Michael says from behind the camera.

This is going to be a fun photo shoot.

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