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How I Met The Marauders by 12Crystals
How I Met The Maraudersby crystals on fire
Through nightmares, drama, fun, midnight sneaks, chocolates, fights, deaths, love, the Marauders, magic, detentions, prison, prophecies, attacks, hiding, Animagi, godson...
  • animagus
  • arianna
  • witch
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The Marauder Stories: Sirius Black by hisimperfectangel25
The Marauder Stories: Sirius Blackby Charlie C. ∞
WARNING: UNDERGOING SOME SERIOUS (no pun intended) EDITING "Talking to yourself is one of the first signs of madness, you know." Hearing him say that yet again...
  • remuslupin
  • arianna
  • sirius
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You Are A What by Moose_Unicorn
You Are A Whatby Unicorn
UNDER VERY HEAVY RE WRITING PROCESS *****Edited chapters are in brackets*** Completed "So, what are you exactly?" Taylor and Arianna didn't expect anyth...
  • dean-winchester
  • dean
  • spn
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Dark Nights: True Dreams  by Jizzygotfans
Dark Nights: True Dreams by Jizzy
It's been 14 years and the Rodgers family is back! They've takin on the role of raising their son Dj and the family has made some interesting turns in their life! Read...
  • arianna
  • damon
  • dj
Roommate life by mustache_voice
Roommate lifeby Shyanne
the life of Arianna fawn glory, in Kolane university with her roommate named travis gray corlis, they both find out they have a crush on each other but they don't want t...
  • shy
  • roommate
  • love
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Him and I (Klaus mikaelson) by StefaniaChiran5
Him and I (Klaus mikaelson)by Xanarchybishh💔
What if Elena had a twin sister. Arianna Gilbert Arianna and her sister are both the Petrova doppelgängers. What will happen when Elena and Arianna are both chased by a...
  • lovestory
  • caroline
  • elena
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The Marauder Stories: Remus Lupin by hisimperfectangel25
The Marauder Stories: Remus Lupinby Charlie C. ∞
**Second book of The Marauder Stories**
  • arianna
  • mcgonagall
  • longbottom
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Rough Seas (A continuation of Beach Waves) by Emono17
Rough Seas (A continuation of Em
The drama never ends just at the beach during the summer. It extends to school, home, and more. Good luck, Blaire!
  • arianna
  • love
  • jlaire
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We're stuck in yuri on ice!!! YES!! by OtakusFrom_Hell
We're stuck in yuri on ice!!! YES!!by Alyssa & Sarah
Two Otaku's, Arianna and Brooklyn, get sucked into their favorite anime show- yuri on ice. They are quite confused at first on what happened, then excited as they reali...
  • brooklyn
  • fanfic
  • otakus
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Teme la vieja sangre by Junecatira
Teme la vieja sangreby June Madina
Pequeñas historias de Brygenwerth, la época dorada de la iglesia y después de que todo se fuera al garete.
  • willem
  • olek
  • spanish
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BadBoy|Anthony Trujillo by AriannaRodriguezAtx
BadBoy|Anthony Trujilloby Ari♡
I'm just a nerd and he's a jock, he would never see me the way I see him......
  • teamten
  • chadtepper
  • jerika
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The girl he never noticed by reynahayley
The girl he never noticedby reynahayley
He realized that he loves her after she left... "Sometimes you have to experience the bad, so that you can learn to appreciate the good things that enter your life...
  • billionaire
  • rayyan
  • friendzone
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Justin Bieber's daughter by ForeverKingLA
Justin Bieber's daughterby ForeverKingLA
  • justin
  • jasmine
  • selena
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Bodyguard {h.s. au} by sunkissedbliss
Bodyguard {h.s. au}by sunkissedbliss
"Some people survive chaos and that is how they grow. And some people thrive in chaos, because chaos is all they know."
  • harrystyles
  • grande
  • onedirection
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Lose Yourself to Dance by AnaPaulaRds4
Lose Yourself to Danceby Ana RdS
Una storia d'amore a ritmo di musica e passi di danza, condita da intrighi, colpi di scena ed un'incredibile trasformazione all'età adulta. La storia è accompagnata da c...
  • amicizia
  • amore
  • danza
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Good Girl, Bad Boy || Descendants  by stonecoldlashton
Good Girl, Bad Boy || Descendants by Bailey x Kacey
Four new VKs are coming to Auradon-- Dizzy Tremaine, Gil, Harry Hook, and Henry(son of Hans). Will Auradon get a taste of evil, or will the Isle get a sneak peek at some...
  • jay
  • dizzytremaine
  • uma
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A Burning Desire (Eragon FanFiction) by EragonNarniaLOFTRs
A Burning Desire (Eragon EragonNarniaLOFTRs
Takes place during the events of Brisingr. When seventeen year old Arianna Stevens has nightmares of a woman being attacked by a disfigured man, a sword and dragons, she...
  • fanfiction
  • brom
  • arianna
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The arrangement  by sharnie_15
The arrangement by slivertounge14
Woodhaven was small quite peaceful kingdom which lay just to the east of Narnia, Woodhaven was known for many things but mostly known for the royal family and of course...
  • lizzygo56
  • woodhaven
  • love
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broken girl (Sebastian smythe) by DanielleJackson379
broken girl (Sebastian smythe)by Danielle Jackson
yep a glee fanfic Sebastian smythe stumbles on a girl being attacked and decides to save her from the guys beating her the two begin falling in love but ariannas dark pa...
  • wattys2017
  • newdirections
  • dalton
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