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Forbidden Friendships by TheKittenWhisperer
Forbidden Friendshipsby TheKittenWhisperer
When protector of the Multiverse, Ink, and destroyer of the Multiverse, Error, get tricked into taking part in a social experiment, things slowly get out of hand. When a...
X & Y ✓ by witchoria
X & Y ✓by cellophane dion
Kith never thought that her senior year of high school would be spent in a frat house, especially the frat house of her ex-best friend's, douchey, irresponsible older br...
Our Love Will Remain - The story after Mockingjay by hungergamesem
Our Love Will Remain - The story hungergamesem
This story begins two years after the war and rebellion is over, and it is simply a story about Katniss' and Peeta's life together. In many other stories I've read, the...
The Soldier Of Sins | ✓  by Iamnikki1
The Soldier Of Sins | ✓ by Nikki Hall
#30 in Werewolf [05-12-2017] #1 in Aftermath [30-01-2020] _______ What happens when a vigorous, loyal, raw soldier gets trapped in a cruel fight between a nightmare and...
In the afterlife [Harry Potter fanfiction] (ONGOING) by assholic-artist
In the afterlife [Harry Potter UwU
After death, how would James and Lily react to certain events in their son's life when they watched all of them in the Wizarding Afterlife? From the moment Hagrid say &q...
The Reluctant Hero by Samantha2611
The Reluctant Heroby Samantha2611
He stood on the balcony, watching the city below. His trained eyes flickered from one event to the next; the angry cabbie shouting for the traffic to move; the dog walki...
Craig of the creek oneshots because why not  by Sweetsugarlemonade
Craig of the creek oneshots •Sweetie•
Hello there other Craig of the Creek fans,feeling bored? Do you need a gosh darn break from school work? Don't worry dear,just get comfy,take a small break from everythi...
Aftermath by ThePorterest
Aftermathby Porterest
A Ghost Bird Fanfiction The spring semester is now underway, and the Blackbourne team has continued their mission. Still unaware of the plan his family has put together...
He Came Back To Make Me His. by AishaJ
He Came Back To Make Me A.
Melanie fell for Stephen in college, only for him to soon turn against her. Four years later, Melanie's engaged, when Stephen returns, telling her three things that she...
The Aftermath by shawtyfangirl
The Aftermathby Ima Fangirl Shawty
whatever happens even if I'm the last standing, ima stand tall Julie and her phantoms play the Orpheum. she thought that was it but when she goes back home, she finds th...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Omori Bad Ending Aftermath by moonlight_demure
Omori Bad Ending Aftermathby Average Writer
This is what happens after the bad ending in Omori, all events are fan made and spoilers to the game. Enjoy!
Brothers For Life(COMPLETED) by XAnime_HamasakiX
Brothers For Life(COMPLETED)by AnimeLover
Zeref's curse has been broken and now he is free to be with his precious little brother Natsu and beloved Mavis, and as a bonus, he is now a member of Fairytail. "...
The Aftermath - A Gilmore Girls Revival Fan Fiction by AshleyWheeler1
The Aftermath - A Gilmore Girls Ashley P Wheeler
A story that starts immediately after those fateful four words. How will things pan out for Rory and Logan? Will he be involved in his child's life? Will he still mar...
Torment and Lies - Aftermath by Eevee_leaf
Torment and Lies - Aftermathby crying over venti
!!!NOT A READER INSERT!!! After the 53rd killing game. __________________ Ndrv3 belongs to Kodaka Ichika belongs to me
Five Minutes  by _heatherchandler
Five Minutes by abby
Veronica Pryde is an up-and-coming actress who's just wrapped her first big movie. She's got the bright eyes and eagerness that overcomes every budding starlet. But it d...
Hanzo Hasashi's Son x MK10-11 by ThatEhhGuy
Hanzo Hasashi's Son x MK10-11by Civil Warrior
What if when Quan Chi invaded the Shirai Ryu base he only killed Satoshi Hasashi's mother..what if during the attack Satoshi hid from Quan Chi how would that change ever...
The Outsiders: Picking Up the Pieces by Ahsoka-2Sabers
The Outsiders: Picking Up the Ahsoka-2Sabers
"If I didn't know any better, I might almost wish for things to go back to normal." It wasn't a good normal, but it was normal. Steve lay on his back, staring...
Her Hope | Jung Hoseok by monomoonjoon
Her Hope | Jung Hoseokby 🌝
Kim Namjoon want someone reliable to take care of his younger sister while he is gone and here's where Jung Hoseok comes into the picture. Jung Hoseok x OC Warning: Con...
They're Just Crazy by IAmWeird6789
They're Just Crazyby I Don't Know Why-
Book 2 Takes place five years after the first book, They're Just Killers. Alexzander thought he got away from them. The ones who traumatized him. The ones who made it c...