Landscapes (Geiju Tsuka)

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"Hm.. Too dark." The 'tortured artist' threw the canvas to the floor and grabbed an unused one. He was looking to paint a landscape, but couldn't decide what. His last couple of attempts... didn't work.

His first thought was to paint a volcano, but the shape of it didn't look right, and ended up looking like a plane crashed into a mountain. His second attempt was to paint the fountain in the courtyard, but with all the people there, they'd bother him. His third and final attempt was to paint a field of flowers, but the green he made was too dark, and he couldn't fix it.

He groaned and put his brush down in a cup of water. He set his pallet down on a table in the empty club room and wrote down any ideas. Nothing.

There was a faint knock at the door, and low and behold, his inspiration came walking in.
L/N Y/N came striding into the room, smiling at her friend.

"Mornin' Tsuka-Kun." She said, a warm smile on her face. "Got any new masterpieces today?"

He shook his head 'no', and turned back to the canvas in front of him. He grabbed his brush and pallet, deciding on a perfect landscape to paint.

"Aw, what're all these?" She motioned to the other canvases.

"Scraps." He said softly. She hummed.

"Ah. Of course. You're famous for scrapping paintings, Tsuka-Kun." Y/N giggled. He hummed in agreement, using as little words as possible. "Well, you seem busy, so I'll leave you to your artwork. I'm sure this next one will be a hit. Good luck, Tsuka. Not that you'll need it." With that, she left.

Calling it a crush is a bit.. of an understatement. Geiju and Y/N met a couple years ago in their first year. Ever since he met her, he's had a strong connection with her. Y/N is Geiju's closest friend, but sadly, that's all they'll ever be.

Geiju has thought about confessing many times, but his words wouldn't come together and he'd wuss out. That's when he got his idea.

He's make her a painting! A beautiful landscape painting of the cherry blossom behind the school. When he shows it to her while under the tree, he'd confess.

Geiju thought of it as the perfect plan. He gave himself a week to finish this painting, but if it wasn't done by Friday, he'd finish it throughout the next week and confess the next Friday. Just until it's perfect enough for her.

First, Geiju would need to sketch...

The days passed. The painting continued. Geiju often had to hide the painting from Y/N when she visited. More than he'd like to admit, Geiju nearly screamed when he was working and heard the door open, since he was working on the painting and didn't want Y/N to see, but it was really just a Student Council member. Ever since, Geiju worked facing the door.

More days went by, and it was Thursday. The painting was well over half way done, and just needed a couple minor detail additions, such as the cherry blossom petals on the ground needed to be multiple shades of a beautiful light pink, or how the lighting on the tree wasn't done. Simple things. And by the end of the day, it was finished.

Geiju added his small signature at the bottom right corner of his painting, a simple "Geiju Tskua '18" to mark his name and the year. Tomorrow he would confess.

In his extra time, Geiju constructed ways to confess. Obviously, he had his base: the painting. But he needed words. Geiju doesn't speak as much as others do, and hearing him speak 4+ words at once is rare. But.. for Y/N, he doesn't want to mess things up. Should he go in with a speech, or just let things go on its own? If he wrote a speech, it'd sound awful. If he did it freely as it happened, there'd be a higher chance of mistake, but it'd sound real.

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