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Budo x Ayano ||y.s by KayKyutie
Budo x Ayano ||y.sby KayKyutie
"I don't care about Martial Arts anymore.."
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Ouran High School Host Club x Reader The Sister by FreeFlyer68
Ouran High School Host Club x FreeFlyer68
Y/n is Haruhi's sister. She is also an honor student at Ouran. Her scores were right behind Haruhi's. Once she enters the high school Haruhi takes her to meet her friend...
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Lovesick (Yandere-Kun! x Male Rivals! x Fem! Reader) Yandere simulator XReader by KanaNeverSleeps
Lovesick (Yandere-Kun! x Male 💞🌸ねずこ-ちゃん🌸💞
(Y/n) is a girl attending Akademi high. She meets Yandere-kun and he convinced her that she should help him with Taeko and his rivals. She tried to distract them to stay...
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destined ⇢ kageyama tobio x reader by daringskies
destined ⇢ kageyama tobio x readerby 🌬
[ON GOING] life is full of unexpected things. one might never know who will come and go. ever since childhood, you and him have been together. always there for each oth...
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Wicked Into Grace |Kyoya Ootori| by LeAmazinglyWonderful
Wicked Into Grace |Kyoya Ootori|by Cheshire the Hatter
[highest rank: #5 in manga] » When Hinami Renji lost her mother a few years back, her emotions had switched off just like that. She was once a princess among her peers...
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The Little Giant's Little Sister by emsiekims
The Little Giant's Little Sisterby Ems
You are the younger sister of the Little Giant, always feeling like you're stuck in his shadow, so you keep your personal life hidden from the world. You get to high sch...
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Boy Yandere (BoyxBoy) by Yourpersonalprince
Boy Yandere (BoyxBoy)by The Swig Swag Master
Seki is willing to do anything for his senpai...even kill. How will Seki deal with the voices in his head, his love for senpai and his need to destroy anyone that tries...
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My Love by karly-98
My Loveby karly-98
Sawada Tsunayoshi is a little and beautiful boy who has being bullied because of his body and looking. His family gets really worried about him so his grandfathers the b...
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Human Fnaf x Reader   [PAUSED] by Absoladi
Human Fnaf x Reader [PAUSED]by Absoladi
Just as the title says! Fnaf characters x Reader-chan. Not oneshots, actual plot. When (y/n) takes a job at Freddy Frazbear's Pizzeria, she doesn't expect the animatroni...
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Notice Me, Kouhai! Iwaizumi x Reader✔ by TinyTsun
Notice Me, Kouhai! Iwaizumi x ♛Ðαηḯℯłłε♛
How will the story unfold for the bad boy Iwaizumi-senpai and his Kouhai, his cute crush.
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Trapped || Male Rivals X Reader by KatieJung_
Trapped || Male Rivals X Readerby obsessed fangirl™
There's a new girl in town and her name is Y/n L/n. A transfer student from England along with her sister Melody. Watch as she meets 10 different boys with unique person...
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Budo x Ayano Fanfiction  by kei_o0o
Budo x Ayano Fanfiction by そーきー
After being rejected by her Senpai, Ayano Aishi meets another boy named Budo Masuta. He helps her experience things she never had, like new activities and new emotions...
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SENPAI ~ MARKHYUCK by lunettamia1
SENPAI ~ MARKHYUCKby luna rivera
Collection of Markhyuck oneshots. Enjoy💕 Don't read if you don't like lemon and smut.
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A Ninja Heart (Naruto Fanfic,Completed) by SecretAngelgirl
A Ninja Heart (Naruto Fanfic, SecretAngelgirl
The greatest beauty of the village was also the monster of the village,with the Nine tails powers inside of her. With a twin brother of the same curse Narumi Uzumaki tri...
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Levi x Reader Scenarios by Winterrose02
Levi x Reader Scenariosby ソフィアちゃん
~Requests Open~ (So, take the opportunity while you can ;)) When Levi meets the new, strong cadet, he thinks nothing of it at first. She's just like any other cadet in t...
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Ouran High School Host Club Truth or Dare by Chloe_TheSeraph
Ouran High School Host Club Chloe~Kun
Basically a bunch of truth or dare questions with the characters from Ouran High School Host Club so In the comments of each chapter you can always leave truths and dare...
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Yandere Sanscest Oneshots {Request CLOSED!) by ANIMELOVER9191
Yandere Sanscest Oneshots { ANIMELOVER9191
I love Yandere stuff! So I've decided to make one! This is my first oneshot book! Please enjoy!
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The Yandere duo by YandereIdeas
The Yandere duoby SunsetSummerz
In which the two yanderes unite. Might be discontinued :( sorry
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Yandere Simulator One-shots by the_musical_writer
Yandere Simulator One-shotsby i write but it's shit
As the title says, this book contains one-shots with the characters from the game that is still in development, Yandere Simulator. I have been a fan of the game for quit...
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《The Bad Boy》Umeji Kizuguchi x Reader by thatCutesyPie
《The Bad Boy》Umeji Kizuguchi x ahopelessfangirl
The Bad Boy, Umeji Kizuguchi, has a soft side for (Y/n)(L/n) that he tries to hide by teasing and pretending to hate her, but it always wasn't like that. At first, the t...
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