Chapter 22:

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"I slept through the whole landing and everything?" 

"Yeah, you did!" harry giggled.

"I had a horrible dream!" I laughed.

"What happened?! Why are you laughing if it was horrible?"He said looking at me confused.

"I died." I said seriously.

"Well that's not going to happen, we will be together forever, no one is going to take you away from me." He reasurred me.

"You always know what to say, I love you!" I said giving him a hug. 

Wrapping my hands around his strong muscular shoulders, breathing in his sweet scent that I know so well. 

"I love you too." He whispered in my ear. 

The plane door opened and we were the last ones to get off.

'Have a nice stay in Turkey!' The air hostess said..

For some reason I didn't think the next few days were going to be fun. I had to get my chemo and radio therapy, I was going to be in hospital and plus I had to tell the rest of the boys about my condition.

I didn't want to tell them, Harry was making me tell them. I don't want more people to be worrying about me.  Harry interrupted my thinking by taking my hand.

"What are you thinking about?" 

"How i'm going to have to tell the boys about me." 

"When we get home we can sit them down and tell the lads together okay hun?" He replied putting his arm around my shoulder.

"Okay."I faked a smile.

We walked into the airport collecting our bags and walked passed people who were waiting for lifts, they had signs.

'Taxi for Mr Styles?' 

was written on a piece of cardboard, yep I guess that's for us then. Harry walked over to the man and he recgonised us. I tried to drag my own suitcase but I dropped it, it's like all the power left my hand. There was definatly something wrong with me If I couldn't drag my suitcase which only had tracksuits in it.

"Let me take it." The taxi man smiled. 

"Um thanks." 

I'm so angry at myself, why can't I even carry my own suitcase, i'm like a vegtable I can't do anything for myself.

We got in the taxi and we finally arrived at some resturant everyone was at. Harry opened the door for me, it was so pretty. The tables were decorated with little red rose petals which reminded me of Harry and I's first date. Then I heard Niall's laugh and Amy's deep irish accent. 

"Looks like there over here!" Harry said pointing in the directin of the laughing.

"Yeah, do they know were coming here?"


"Great.." I said sarcastily.

We walked over to the table and they all jumped up onto me nearly knocking me over. 

Liam stood back waiting for them to stop slobering over my face and screaming.

"WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Amy said hugging me again.

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