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🐯Hop On!🐯|Taegi|💖💜(COMPLETED) by Hoseokplzfuckme
🐯Hop On!🐯|Taegi|💖💜(COMPLETED)by penis.
I just wanted to tell you guys that in this story everyone is allowed to have any pet they want, like any animal as a pet without it being illegal id you adopted your pe...
Mutual Hate | Oikawa Tooru x Male Reader by heademptyrn
Mutual Hate | Oikawa Tooru x Male...by Non-existant motivation
Male! reader x oikawa tooru "Shut up" "No you shut up" " i really hate you you know?" "Bitch please my hate for you is higher than Ke...
"Dude Looks Like a Lady" by Nonbeliever
"Dude Looks Like a Lady"by Nonbeliever
"When your bandmates find out you're borderline transvestite, they'll freak." Sometimes the best way to find out where your childhood sweetheart has gone is to...
Goofy Ah Stuff from school :P by Mangle2023
Goofy Ah Stuff from school :Pby LOLBITCH
Some really goofy ahh shit I found in my Google docs and slides :P PREPARE TO CRINGE MOTHER FUCKERS
Save Me (camren 5h fan-fic) by camren_ship557
Save Me (camren 5h fan-fic)by camren_ship557
Lauren is a new student at Sea Side Bay her senior year. But when she has falls for the most popular lesbian, Camila Cabello, will hell break through in the school? Will...
Future!Leo x Gender Neutral Reader by heademptyrn
Future!Leo x Gender Neutral Readerby Non-existant motivation
Rottmnt, future AU. Future! Leonardo x gender neutral reader Im high. I wrote this at 3am. Ill make a good description later i swear😞😞
Shrekyyy x donke smut by swagger_sage
Shrekyyy x donke smutby S A G E !!
shrekkyty has a thic jucied up cockoroonie and DONKE loves mantittites
Rp book by Th3_Dem0n666
Rp bookby 𝕷𝖆𝖓
I got this idea from a friend of mine
Jack Stauber lyrics by ItIsTheWalrus
Jack Stauber lyricsby ItIsTheWalrus
uhh idk I like Jack Stauber
ships that i don't support in country humans by mexicoisgay
ships that i don't support in coun...by 🇲🇽Mexico🇲🇽
Please kill me and I don't care of you hate on me
Frank Sinatra. by SherFreeman
Frank Sinatra.by thalia
about the woman infatuated with Frank Sinatra, not for who he was said to be, but for who he was for her.
Pico x Keith OneShot by the_real_keith
Pico x Keith OneShotby the_real_keith
This is my oneshot book! I don't expect much to become of it so I'll try to keep it updated while working on bigger books! Thanks for reading!
Hutao X reader by hutao_loml
Hutao X readerby untitled
you came to liyue to open a new branch and then Hu tao i am not sure about the title nor the cover so i may fix it someday or never
Marshall Lee ( SHORT STORIES) by InhabitedMind
Marshall Lee ( SHORT STORIES)by InhabitedMind
Cute short stories of marshall lee and reader. Stories varies from fun nights together to adventures in relationships
Diglett X Flower by ItchyWillardCrapsbee
Diglett X Flowerby Notlimah Sunil
Battleblock Theater + Upcoming games... by mrbow4
Battleblock Theater + Upcoming gam...by kkmkosnsjmszj
This book is made for people who are just as crazy for Battleblock Theater as I am... Feel free to discuss in the comments about the upcoming 'Game 4' and your theories...