Chapter 2

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You and Jungkook become so close. You started to have a feelings for him. When you first saw him, you have a crush on him, but now, it's not a crush, it's love. His smile, his voice, his handsomeness, you love everything about him, and sometimes you wonder if he can feel the same to you. You just quiet while walking with him, thinking about him, you just forget that he's talking to you, until (Y/N) are you ok? You're too quiet today? Are sick? Do you have a problem, tell me i will help you, i'm your friend right? That question makes you snap back to reality. And you said, ah, no i'm alright, don't worry about me. Then you and him head to your classroom.

After school, Jungkook ask you to go somewhere, and he said that he will introduced you to his friends. Then he brings you to the park. You saw 6 guys standing there, Jungkook smile and runs to their direction. You just followed him. Then he said guys this is Y/n she's my only friend in school and also she's my classmate. Then they introduced themselves to you.

Hi my name is Namjoon you can call me Rap Monster. Then he smile.

Hello beautiful lady, i'm Jimin, nice to meet you. You smile and reply, nice to meet you too. 

Hi my names is SeokJin, you can call me Jin.

Ah, hello my name is Yoongi and you can call me Suga.

Hello (smile widely) i'm Hoseok or you can call me J-hope. Smile widely again. He looks so cheerful.

Then they all shocked when V, said, Oh you? you're the one i bumped at school canteen right? I'm sorry. By the way i'm Taehyung, call me V for short. 

Then you smile and said, nice to meet you guys. 

Then all of you decide to go to the mall. All of you goes to the arcade for fun. You and them sing whatever songs they want. When its your time, all of them decided that you and Jungkook will do a duet. But it makes you feel so nervous. But Jungkook agreed with it. When the two of you finished the song, they all clapped and cheered the two of you. Then J-hope said "daebak, Jungkook and Y/n look good together". You're so happy hearing that, but Jungkook said, yah! J-hope hyung can you stop it? That makes you hurt. Y/n your voice is so beautiful, Jin said. You smile and thanked him. 

Time goes very fast, it was 7:30pm you decided to go home. Then Jungkook walks you home. You don't talk to him too much like usual because you think about a while ago, when J-hope said you and him looks so good together, he refused it and he looks so mad. Then later on he asked you why you're so quiet today. And you said, I'm just... tired, but I'm ok don't worry about me, i just need some rest. Then you thanked him again for walking you home, and he just smiled and wave a goodbye and leave. 

You sat on your bed and pick your phone and call your bestfriend Hanna. You talk to her about what happened to you and Jungkook. She knew that you love Jungkook. And you said to her about Jungkook's friend and about what happened a while ago. You and Hanna talk about an hour so it's already 10:30pm. You take a shower and wear your pajama and sleep. 

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