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He's Very Protective Over You And Your Unborn Child:


     You were in the kitchen making lunch for both Ethan and yourself while he was in the shower. You had been craving ramen noodles for what seemed like years but had only been a few days. Opening up the kitchen cupboard you noticed he had placed the bowls you needed just out of your reach after doing the dishes the previous night to surprise you the next morning. You sighed, standing on your toes to reach them, your fingers barely grazing the glass. With a huff, you decided the only way of fulfilling your needs was to hoist yourself onto the counter. Which you did, very gracefully for you since you were so accident prone. 

     If Ethan knew you had climbed onto the counter he would have had a heart attack, but lucky for you he had just gotten into the shower so he'd be a while. Or so you thought. You had just grasped two bowls when someone grabbed your waist and carefully placed you back down on the tile floor. You turned your body to look at your handsome boyfriend with a towel wrapped around his waist and water droplets covering his bare skin. "What do you think you're doing?" He asks like a disappointed parent, hands on his hips and everything. "I was just getting the bowls that you put up too high." You retort, sticking your tongue out at him and opening the noodle packages. "Well next time come get me instead of climbing on things. It's not just you I'm protecting anymore." He reminds, holding his hand gently to your practically flat stomach. You had recently found out that you were barely a month pregnant and ever since then, Ethan has treated you like a porcelain doll. You knew he meant well, and climbing on the counter could make for a bad outcome, but he had even been making you sit on the couch like your feet were tired from walking. It was sweet though. 

     Ethans hand continued to stroke your stomach and smiled. "I promise next time I'll come and find you if I can't reach something." You state, cupping his cheeks. Relief washed over his face at your words and pecked your lips. "Why are you in here anyway? Your hair isn't even washed." You say, looking at his soaked locks. "We're out of you mind running to the store?" he asks, jotting out his bottom lip cutely. "Will do. Hopefully, it isn't too high on the shelf though." You tease. But instead of taking it as a joke he was quickly changed into sweat pants and t-shirt, ripping the keys from your clutches. "I'll be you need anything?" Oh, Ethan.


     As your due date neared, Grayson had become a lot more clingy. Throughout your pregnancy, he had, of course, worried about you and the unborn baby, but now you were on the verge of popping. 

     When you would get out of bed at night for water or the bathroom, his sleepy figure would trail behind you. When you'd shower, he'd sit in the bathroom against the door and keep himself occupied with his phone. When he'd record with Ethan he'd have you come along and sit behind the camera while he stopped a million times to ask if you were okay. In the 9th month, you'd probably been away from Grayson for 20 minutes a day tops and that's because you wouldn't sit in the bathroom while he showered. 

     He was excited about baby Dolan and wanted to make sure he was there the moment your water broke and could get you to the hospital on time. Since your hormones were all over the place and Ethan was good at convincing you, you played a few "my water broke" pranks on him to see how he'd react. So much so that you wouldn't be surprised if he didn't believe you when it actually happened.


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