Best Friend | E.D.

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     You slammed the door to your bedroom once again. You couldn't even remember the last time you closed it like a normal human. It was your own special way of saying Fuck You to your Mom and her boyfriend, Ryland. You were having an actual nice dinner, with decent table conversation when he brought up that you take advantage of your Mom. You didn't think you did, but of course, she was quick to agree with him. That resulted in yelling and being sent to your room, where you now sulked on your bed. 

     You missed your Dad. He made your Mom a better person. She used to be so sweet, motherly and sober. But after he passed away she changed for the worse. Alcohol became her best friend, not to mention she brought Ryland Higgins into your life. He was no better. A raging alcoholic and drug user himself. At first, it was fine, just annoying when he'd come over. But now he lived with you and your mother and if anyone was taking advantage, it was him. You and your Mom both had jobs and suported yourselves. He did nothing.

     You stared at the ceiling of your bedroom, playing with a loose string on your t-shirt when your Mom came in, freshly showered. Your turned to look at her, seeing she was partially sober. She sat on the edge of your bed and stred dully at you. "Why do you always have to pick fights with him?" She asks in a hoarse voice. Seriously?

     "Mom, I didn't pick a fight. He accused me of being a free loader. He's the one without a job. What do you even see in him?" You ask, your voice bubbiling with anger. She kept her composure and rubbed her temples with her fingers.

     "He keeps me sane." Was all she said.

     "What about me Mom? I'm your daughter. Am I not enough?" You ask, tears now forming in your eyes at what she had just said. She just sighed heavily and patted your shoulder, standing up and looking around the room.

     "You need to catch up on laundry. Love you kiddo, get some sleep." She mutters, leaving the room and closing the door. That only left you in a small puddle of tears. You didn't just lose your Dad in that car accident, you lost her too. Now she was just your Mom, in your mothers body.

     She was right though, you were way behind on laundry. Your hamper was busting at the seams. You waited until you knew they had went to bed and carried the hardy basket to the laundry room down the hall to start a load. On upon returning to your room, you decided to stay up a little bit longer and tidy things up. Starting at your closet you made a trash pile and a donation pile. Then you started throwing little objects and items into both of the piles from around your room. You were standing at you window, looking through some old CD's when a pepple hit the glass. You scrunched your face up, looking around, but no one was there. You brushed it off as nothing and continued shuffiling through the stack.

     You were almost done when another one bounced off the pane, making a loud thud. This time you could see a dark figure approaching your window. You were about to scream for your Mom when the hooded man stopped at the window and smiled. There eyes were hidden beneath the shadow of their jacket, but you knew that pearly white grin from anywhere. You flipped him off and slid the window up. Ethan Dolan, your best friend. 

     "What are you doing here? If Ryland or my Mom see's you, I'm dead." You say, moving away as he crawled through the opening. He didn't answer at first, he just closed the window, the curtains and locked your bedroom door. 

     "Exactly. Only if we get caught." He says, sitting on the floor and looking at your donation pile. "What's all this? Are you running away again?" He asks with a cheeky grin. When you were little and would get in a dispute with your parents, you'd pack a bag and walk to Ethans house a few blocks over. They would wait a few hours to come to get you since Lisa always called them and told them where you were.

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