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Most nights consisted of you packing an overnight bag and driving to the twins house to sleep with Grayson. No sexual innuendos intended. You would literally drive to his house to sleep in his bed, with him. It all started when you were around 14 years old.

You weren't close to Grayson but you shared the same friend group. At the beginning of your High School years, you started having these awful, reoccurring nightmares that would last all night making it almost impossible for you to sleep.

One day you were sitting with your friends at a wing stop you used to hang out at and you were exhausted. Your nightmares had kept you up all night. None of your 'friends' seemed to notice how tired you were, except for Grayson who pulled you aside. You never really spoke to him, you just exchanged quick greetings and smiles every so often, so this sudden notice in you was surprising.

"Are you okay?" He asks, looking concerned as ever by your dark under eye bags and the dead look you were sure you were sporting. You nodded, not wanting to explain your new found insomnia to some guy you barely know. "Are you sure? You look really tired." He pushes on, tilting his head, genuinely worried about you.

"Yeah. I've just been having these dumb nightmares lately and it's been kind of hard to sleep but I'm fine, really." You admit, only telling him half of it. You weren't fine, this was the second time in weeks that you'd stayed up all night instead of a few hours.

"I have nightmares too. Sometimes I go and sleep in my brothers' bed so I can get sleep. I know that sounds strange but I just thought it pertained to your situation." He says, playing with his hands.

"That's not strange. Nightmares are scary, I only wish I had someone I could crawl in bed with and get some sleep." You laugh, being an only child sucked most of the time, he was lucky to have his brother and sister to go to.

"I guess so, but I'll be 16 next year and it's just getting weird crawling in bed with him because I'm scared." He laughs, trying to talk quietly so no one would hear him.

After a bit more talking you both exchanged numbers and agreed that you would call the other that night if the night terrors occurred. You'd never spoken to him that long and it was actually really nice. He was sweet and related a lot to the situation you were in.

That night you crawled into your bed, setting your phone beside you and curled into the comfortable mattress. Slowly, you slipped into a deep sleep and before long the dark shadowy silhouettes of tall humans started to rise from your bedroom floor. They would move toward you inch by inch, low moans escaping their lips with their arms outstretched to you and right before they reached you with their large hands you would jolt awake in a cold sweat.

After catching your breath you checked the time, 1:12 am. You'd only been asleep for a few hours. As usual, you sat up straight in your bed, scared that the dreams would become real. That's when your phone started ringing, only startling you some. It was Grayson. You slid the green button across the screen and brought it to your ear. "Hello?" You ask.

"Hey...I'm not sure if you were serious about calling when we had our...special dreams but I just woke up from one a few minutes ago and I just needed someone to talk to." He whispers into the speaker.

"I did too." You answer back.

"I don't know if you'd be up for it...but have you ever been down to the river under the bridge?" He asks.

"Once or twice but not for a while, why?" You ask.

"Would you mind meeting me down there?" He asks hopefully.

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