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Your Child Gets Scared And He Comforts Them: 


     You were sound asleep next to Ethan when you were awakened by small whimpers and Ethan softly talking from behind you. You came into reality and realized he was speaking to your son, Eli. "Daddy, I know it's in there. Please come make it go away." Eli begs, his voice cracking. "Okay, buddy. Let's go check it out." You hear Ethan say before he gets out of bed. You listened to the pitter patter of their feet vanish down the hallway. You sat up in bed, awaiting his return. 

     Ethan came back to the room and collapsed in your bed. You cuddled close to him and rubbed his bicep, his head nuzzling into your neck. "What happened?" You ask, referring to the situation with your son. "Mmm, he thought there was a monster in his closet." He mumbles, slowly falling back asleep. You nodded and tried falling asleep again yourself. 

     Just as you were almost out a small voice from the doorway pipes up, "Daddy, the monster is under my bed." You hear Ethan sigh once more, sitting up and stretching his arms out. Eli ran toward him and was lifted onto your bed. "You can sleep with me and Mommy tonight and tomorrow I'll buy some monster spray to get rid of him, okay?" He asks, both of you tucking him in between you. You nodded and cuddle into your chest, closing his eyes. You mouthed and 'I love you' to Ethan before falling asleep with your two favorite people.


     You and Grayson both jolted up in bed at the sound of thunder booming and your twin daughters screaming from down the hall. You knew the thunder had frightened them, but Grayson was out of the bed and in their bedroom within seconds to see what was wrong. You slipped out of the sheets and walked down to the room at the end of the hall. Grayson had them both curled up in his lap, rocking back and forth while rubbing their backs. "Daddy's here. Nothing is going to ever hurt you." He coos, kissing their heads as they whined softly. You sat beside him and played with the curls of your older twins hair. 

     Between the two of you, you had managed to get them back to sleep in one bed. They curled up into each other like you had seen Grayson and Ethan do countless times before. As you were leaving to go back to your bedroom you noticed that Grayson had sat in a chair in their room. "Gray, are you coming?" You ask from the doorway. "No, I want to be right here if it happens again." He says, keeping his eyes on your two princesses. You smiled thoughtfully at how much he loved his daughters. "Then I'll be here too." You chime, laying on the empty bed, curling up in a ball to fit.  

     "I love my life." He says, looking from one bed to the other in awe of his three sleeping beauties. 

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