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     "My plan is to take her out for dinner, then take her to the boat and watch the sun go down. It's kind of cheesy, what do you think?" Grayson asks, explaining his date idea out to you. He had met a girl at a thrift store a few weeks ago and tonight was their first big date.

     "I think she'll love it! I only wish Ethan would do stuff like that for me, but he just isn't the romantic type." You laugh, not meaning to hurt feelings or bash your boyfriend's idea of a 'date night'. But his ideal date was ordering a pizza and seeing how fast the two of you could eat it, romantic, isn't it?

     Later that night you were sifting through Grayson closet, trying to assist him in finding the perfect outfit for his date tonight. Since it was the first date you tried to find an outfit that was nice but didn't look like he was trying too hard. "You don't want to wear something too fancy, so she doesn't expect it from you on the second date." You explain, eyeing a blue, short-sleeved button up that seemed to fit the idea of what you were looking for. 

     "So you think there will be a second date?" He asks from the edge of his bed where he had been waiting for you to finish. 

     "Duh, I mean come one! You and Ethan are both drop dead gorgeous, charming and after that date idea there is no way she's going to turn down a second one." You laugh, handing him the shirt and a pair of nice jeans to go with it. 

     "What made you want to go on a second date with Ethan? I mean, the first one couldn't have gone worse." 

     He wasn't wrong, your first date with Ethan was a disaster. He wanted to go roller-skating even after you had protested and told him you'd end up breaking a bone. But he somehow managed to convince you. That same night you ended up in the emergency room with a cracked rib and broken arm. Not to mention, the food you had gotten before skating made you both sick the very next day. None of your dates ever really happened like they were planned.

     "I don't know, I really liked him and I guess just the way he reacted when I got hurt was sweet and I mean, he ended up being my doctor for the next few weeks, which was a bonus." You say, remembering the countless days of Ethan running back and forth, tending to your every need even though neither of you had committed to a relationship. It wasn't until the sixth date that you had become an official couple. And thus started your relationship of three years. 

     After Grayson had left for his date, you went on the hunt to find your boyfriend who you hadn't gotten to see much of that day. You checked in his room and bathroom but there was no sign of him. "E? Where are you?" You call out, hoping for an answer. When you didn't receive one, you assumed that he'd gone out to get food while you were helping Gray. So, you decided to wait in the living room and watch YouTube until he showed up.

     You were cuddled up in a blanket on the couch when you saw Ethan poke his head around the corner before making his way towards you. "Come with me, I want to show you something." He says, pulling the blanket off your legs and pulling at your arms lightly. You smiled at his sudden appearance and stood up. "Put this on your head." He says, placing his black beanie in your hands. You were confused but did as he said. After that, you were completely oblivious to your surroundings and put your full trust in Ethan. He picked you up bridal style and carried you through the house, making you lose all sense of direction. 

     "Where are you taking me?" You ask, your arms wrapped loosely around his neck, while your fingers fumbled with the back of his hair.

     "You'll see in a minute." He says. You heard him slide open the back door and gripped onto him for dear life. "Ethan, I swear if you throw me in the pool, I'll kill you." You warn. He just chuckled and sat you on your feet. 

     "You're not going in the pool." With that said he pulled the beanie off your already messy hair and revealed a cute little picnic setup, surrounded by tea-light candles. "I heard you talking about how I'm not the most romantic guy in the world and you were right. I'm not. But you deserve a nice date every once in a while." He explains, rubbing your shoulders while you admired the setup. Tears were stinging your eyes and you couldn't get over how cute his idea was. 

     "Baby, this is perfect!" You say, turning around to face him and kissing him softly. He accepted your lips and moved in sync with your own, pulling away a few seconds later, keeping your foreheads pressed together.

     "And after our delectable meal of pb&j, I borrowed Jame's projector so we could watch a midnight movie on the side of the house." he says, nodding towards the other side of the pool where the couches had been pushed together to be made into a sort of bed. You hadn't even noticed that half the blankets and pillows in the house had gone missing until now.

     "Ethan Grant Dolan. You are the best boyfriend ever and I am more than thankful that you're mine. I don't care that we don't have ideal dates because anytime I'm with you it's the best day of my life. I love you." You say, stroking his cheeks and pecking at his lips a few times.

     "I love you too and I promise I'll try and do more cute things for you." He whispers. You smiled at the fact that you were the luckiest person on this planet, just because you were the girl that he loved more than anything else. "Now let's pig out!" He says, pulling you to the ground with him, making you hit your hip on the ground. I mean come on, it wouldn't be a date with Ethan if you didn't get at least injured once. But you wouldn't have it any other way.

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