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Something You Do, Involving The Other Twin:


     You were getting ready for your friend James Charles 19th birthday party. You got him a cute pair of boyfriend shorts that you were sure would fit him perfectly and a cute Adidas crop top that he'd talked about wanting to get. Your boyfriend, Ethan also threw in a few random tubes of matte lipstick. You dressed in a casual pair of white shorts, one of his merch t-shirts and a matching pair of white chuck taylors. Ethan, being the cute boyfriend he is doing his best to match you by wearing the same shirt, white chucks and a pair of white jeans. You rode in the backseat on the way to the party while Gray drove and Ethan rode in the passenger's seat. 

     James had promised it was going to be a small party of just a few friends and his parents but that couldn't have been farther from the truth. It was in a small venue with at least 50-60 people present. Which wouldn't have been bad if the party wasn't being held in a shoe box. As you entered through the doors, you clutched Ethans hand rather tightly, your claustrophobia kicking in. It wasn't until you sat down on a couch with Grayson that you realized he also struggled with it. Ethan did his best to keep both of your nerves down. But between the ear-shattering music and the bodies crushed up side by side it was difficult to stay calm. Ethan offered to get you both some water to ease your nerves and left. That left you and Grayson trying to focus on the other without freaking out. He was tapping his foot against the carpet beneath the couch and you were trying to crack jokes but nothing was working. 

     Eventually, Ethan returned with two bottles of water and rubbed your back as you sipped it. James came by sometime later and greeted the three of you. It wasn't long after that, that Grayson began to lose control over his temper and started getting angry. So you chose to head outside for air and open space. Ethan helped his brother out the door and you held on tightly to Grays t-shirt until you were outside. There were few people dispersed around the back yard. Grayson and I found a cute little campfire set up and sat down around the overburnt logs.

     Ethan had vanished at some point leaving us once again to ourselves but that was okay, you weren't being crowded anymore. He returned a little while later with both James and Emma in tow. "I completely forgot about your claustrophobia. I am so sorry." James apologizes to the two of you.  You both told him it was okay and greeted Emma who you hadn't seen all night. 

     James had decided he'd rather spend the last few hours of his birthday with his closest friends just sitting around a small fire that Grayson had created and talk. It was a lot more fun than being surrounded and suffocated by strangers in a hot room. Emma was in a chair, cuddled up to a pillow, Grayson sat against the wall of the house feeding the fire, James was sat at the end of a seat telling a story and you were cuddled against the love of your life with his arms wrapped tightly around you. Life was all you needed it to be. P E R F E C T.


     You were in the middle of a Supernatural (YESSSSS) marathon with both of the twins when Grayson unraveled his arms from your waist and stood up, stretching his arms out. You smirked, watching his muscles flex. He leaned down and kissed your forehead. "I'm going to bed, it's way past my bedtime." He says looking at the clock on his phone. You did the same, 11:46.  That was one difference between you and your boyfriend. He always ended up going to bed before one. Meanwhile, you and Ethan had trouble going to bed before five. You yelled a goodnight to Grayson as he vanished into the darkness of your shared bedroom, shutting the door behind him. After an episode or two of Supernatural, Ethan paused it and jumped on the cushion next to you. He's not seriously going to bed? He was your binge-watching buddy.

     "I have an idea, are you in?" He asks, overly excited for this early in the morning. 

     "What do you have in mind?" You ask, clearly interested in his unsaid plans.

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