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     You hadn't seen or heard from Grayson since your last encounter with him a week ago at Emma's when he had told you he didn't like what you were wearing. You were worried that the petty fight was the downfall of your friendship, but he wouldn't answer your texts.

     While out grocery shopping you noticed a familiar young girl with bouncy curls and an hourglass figure in the bread ail, looking through the variety of bagels the store had to offer. "Hey, you!" You say, getting her attention. She turned around with a kind but sad smile on her lips. 

    "Hey y/n. How are you?" She asks with an unusual tone. Her normal cheery personality not bubbling from her. 

     "I'm okay, I've just been busy." I reply, even though I was lying. I'd just been going to work, coming home and keeping myself occupied until the next day. "How about yourself?" You ask, grabbing a loaf of bread and a package of bagels. 

     "You didn't hear? Grayson dumped me a few days ago." She says, a gloom coming over her. You felt bad for her, but you also had to fight a smile from forming on your face. 

     "That's awful. How come?" You ask, becoming curious and leaning against the cart.

     "I don't really know. He just came over to my house and said the feelings weren't there anymore. Between us, I don't think the 'feelings' were ever there. He was always so distant and moody." She says, finally picking a few wheat bagels and tossing them in her basket. "He seemed happy when he was around you though. Who knows, maybe he has a thing for you." She says, smiling and looking down at her shopping list. "Well, I gotta go y/n but it was nice seeing you again." She says, waving goodbye and leaving the ail. 

     Grayson, having a thing for you? Yeah okay, you've heard crazier ideas. But you were curious as to why he'd break up with the human form of perfection. 

     You finished your shopping and drove home to put the items away. Then you planned on going to the twins house and seeing if Grayson would open up to you.

     Before leaving you made a green smoothie with berries and drove to their house which was easily a half hour drive from your apartment. When you arrived you saw both of their vehicles sitting in the driveway meaning they were both home. 

     You mustered up the courage and rang the doorbell, impatiently waiting for an answer. Hearing footsteps approach you straightened up to look more confident. The door swung open and a friendly face greeted you. "Hey, what are you doing here?" Ethan asks, eyeing the smoothie in your hand. He always wanted your snack no matter what it was. 

     "I came by to see Gray. Is he home?" You ask in hopes that he didn't uber somewhere.

      Ethan placed his hand over his heart in fake hurt that you didn't come to see him. "Yeah, he's by the pool." He answers, moving out of the way so you could come in. He closed the door and went back to whatever he'd been doing before you got there. You could see Grayson outside the window sitting in the lounge chair on his laptop. 

     You slid open the door which caught his attention. Once he saw it was you he corrected his lazy posture, closed his laptop and asked, "Can we talk?" You smiled and nodded, being glad he didn't reject your visit. You sat on the end of the lounge chair Indian style (criss-cross...applesauce) and faced him.

     "I ran into your ex." You say, and he nods, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth. "Why'd you break up with her? You guys were good together." You say. No matter how much you hated her having him, you had to admit that they were a gorgeous couple.

     "Don't get me wrong, she was great, but I just don't have feelings for her." He shrugs, not making eye contact with you. It worried you. He's never this quiet and hard to talk to.

     "What's wrong?" You ask, knowing this isn't who he is.

     "I'm in love with someone else. Someone I've known I was in love with for a long time, but I'm too much of a little bitch to say anything." He explains, relaxing as the words spill out. Your heart broke at his explanation. Just as he was single again, he confesses his love for yet another. You needed to tell him with the off chance that maybe he'd end up falling for you instead.

     "That's great Gray, how come you've never told me about her? We're best friends, we're supposed to tell each other everything." You say, punching his shoulder weakly with your small fist. You couldn't tell him, it was too embarrassing.

     "I thought so too until Emma told me what you were keeping from me." He says, and your cheeks started to heat up. You told Emma a lot of stuff, but the only thing she knew that he didn't was the fact that you were in love with him. You swallowed, not being able to break eye contact with him. "Why didn't you just tell me how you felt before?" He asks. Clearly, the cat was out of the bag and Emma was now on your hit list.

     "Because I didn't want this conversation to happen. I didn't want to hear that the feeling wasn't reciprocated. I liked loving you in my head." You finish. His eyes widened, making yours do the same. Shit.

     "You love me?" He asks, a small smile creeping onto his face.

     "Wait, what did Emma tell you?" You ask, blushing madly at the fact that you just gave yourself away like that.

     "Emma said that you didn't like my girlfriend. But you love me?" He asks, still stuck on that part of the conversation. Well, it's not like you can take it back, so you might as well admit it.

     "Yes, Grayson. I have been in love with you for months." You say, rubbing your face aggressively with your hands. You awaited the sound of his boisterous laugh to erupt but it never happened. Instead, your hands were moved from your face and replaced with his own rougher ones. 

     "Y/n, I love you too." He says, rubbing your cheeks with the slightly calloused pads of his thumbs. The feeling was so comforting. Your body tensed and you couldn't move as he slowly leaned into you, his eyes closing in the process. The moment you'd literally dreamed continuously of was about to happen for real. Before you could react or lean in, his soft plump lips were already pressed to yours. Your eyes fluttered closed in utter bliss and kissed him back. It was nothing like you thought it would be, actually it was so much better.

     You departed from the kiss and leaned your head against his, looking deeply into the hypnosis that is his beautiful hazel eyes. He smiled and rubbed your hand. "I would ask you to be my girlfriend but I feel like I should take you out first." He says quietly as if only you were allowed to hear it. You just smiled. "So, would you like to go get some food?" He asks in a goofy manner. Of course, you said yes.

     He drove to a tiny little taco shop in front of a bunch of chain stores, with his hand tightly squeezing your own the entire way. You ordered your food and sat at a little table underneath a bright rainbow painted umbrella. He looked so good with all the colors reflecting off his face. Sure you'd stared at him before in complete awe of his beauty but this time was different. This time he was staring back with the same look on his face. 

     While in the midst of eating your food, you broke in conversation as if it was any other Wednesday afternoon that you'd spent together. That was until you both finished and threw your trash away. You were about to close the door of the Bronco when he stopped it and stood between you and the outside. "Now that I've taken you out I have a question." He says, leaning against the door frame. You anticipated the question with a wide grin. "Will you y/f/n (your full name) be my girlfriend?" He asks with the same adorable smile you had first fallen for. 

 "I would love to." You say, leaning in to kiss your new boyfriend on his lips for the second time.

"I love you y/n"

"I love you most."



-Renee (:

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